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The Philippines is a top destination for business process outsourcing (BPO), from low-level tasks to higher-level functions and positions. In 2018, the industry truly boomed, with businesses from the US, UK, Canada, and elsewhere continuing outsourcing to the Philippines.

Hiring a content agency in the Philippines is a wise choice for SMBs, organizations, and other digital marketing agencies in other countries because of lower costs high-quality output, among other factors.

What to Expect When Hiring a Content Agency in the Philippines

IT Infrastructure

The Philippine IT infrastructure has been improving in recent years, and while the Internet here is not the fastest, consumers now have access to affordable fixed-line connections with speeds of 35 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Wireless internet in the country has also progressed from 4G to 5G in central cities, including major cities in Central Luzon and elsewhere. However, the major telco players remain in the country, with a new arrival (Converge) that’s challenged the offerings of what used to be a duopoly of Smart and Globe.

While much still has to be improved, the country has much better speeds and internet connection quality than before, except the highly congested areas in Metro Manila (for prepaid connections) where supply is trounced by demand.

These speeds (35 Mbps – 100 Mbps) were unheard of ten years ago, so if you worked with content writers in the country before, you might have encountered the period when it was more practical to have a prepaid wireless connection instead of a fixed-line because the fixed-line internet connections were unsatisfactory.

The story has changed, and you can expect more precise lines of communication with content agencies and SEO copywriting professionals in the Philippines in 2022 and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not dampened the performance of compact content writing teams handling SEO copywriting and content SEO.

The Content Experts PH has been scaling greatly in the past two years since the pandemic began. We have been working furiously with businesses (especially SEO agencies in North America) to produce great content like blogs that works with organic traffic and conversions.

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English Language Proficiency

According to Miami-based EF (Education First), the English proficiency of the Philippines ranks number two out of 112 countries globally, and English in the country is evaluated as “high proficiency.”

The country has an EF EPI score of 592, and the country is ranked second out of 24 other countries in Asia.

EF also highlighted 9.6 years of mean schooling for Filipinos.

Of course, these are just statistical averages.

We’re sure you’re wondering why English proficiency is consistent in the country. Unfortunately, we can only attribute these statistics to what’s happening on the ground.

The public and private colleges and universities here place massive importance on writing and speaking the language of business. However, in the case of the Philippines, the most important language is English because of the BPO industry and other opportunities outside the country that require mastery of a second language.

Work Ethics & Attitude

Filipinos are natural team players who will work hard to benefit themselves and the employer. Filipinos are also brought up to emphasize family values, so don’t be surprised if the Filipinos you hire will eventually treat you like family.

Working with Filipinos will provide an excellent opportunity for your business to acquire talent with great work ethics and perform the duty of care naturally, even before you mention the duty of care.

Filipinos are also naturally upbeat and cheerful. If working conditions are reasonable and they benefit from the employer-employee relationship, there is no reason for them to reduce the quality of their work. You are in for long-term business relationships with talented Filipinos if you play your cards right.

Types of Content Writing Services for Businesses

The Content Experts PH is a dedicated content writing agency in the Philippines that works hard to produce multiple content types to suit different businesses. We know how content works best, from dental offices in California to SEO agencies in Chicago. Below are just some of the significant types of content that businesses need to thrive in the Internet of Things era.

Homepage Content Writing

What is the home page?

Websites have been evolving mercilessly in recent years, but many things have remained the same. One of the significant remnants of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 is the homepage.

The page that used to be just a ‘cute’ introduction to websites is now more functional and is one of the most crucial components of any site. The homepage often serves as the launchpad for different offers and is also the home of the main navigation for the rest of the site. Therefore, the WordPress design and WordPress development of your homepage are just as important as SEO copywriting and content SEO.

The home page of a website is situated in the root directory. Most web servers support a variety of distinct filenames for the home page. Although there is no standard home page style, most home pages have a navigation bar with connections to various website sections. Additionally, a search bar, information about the website, and recent news or changes are frequently featured on the home page. Certain websites contain material that is updated daily.

What does the homepage do?

The home page frequently serves to orient visitors by giving titles, headlines, photos, and graphics that explain the website’s purpose and, in some situations, who owns and maintains it.

One of the most outstanding examples is the typical business website, which prominently displays the business name and frequently includes the logo and images relating to the business.

The typical homepage also displays the people who work there, what the business offers to consumers, or what the company does in the market, community, or industry. A home page is a natural outgrowth of the Internet’s evolution to orient Web users and assists them in navigating different websites.

What about homepage content writing?

Homepage content writing will vary depending on the type of site. Typically, local businesses who need to rank for local searches (regardless of their market or industry) will require SEO-optimized copy that makes sense but still considers the requirements of search engines.

Suppose you have tried non-professional SEO copywriting before. In that case, you may have encountered negative results where your site languished in SERPs simply because the content didn’t comply with the standard requirements of what good online content was in the first place.

Do you have any questions about your home page content? Email us today, and we’d be happy to help you fix your home page copy (and design!)

Landing Page Creation and Copywriting

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are a critical component of any digital marketing effort, whether for personal bloggers sharing their passions with the world or large organizations aiming to garner higher ROI in high-spend campaigns.

However, suppose you’re unfamiliar with digital marketing and inbound marketing. In that case, you may be wondering what landing pages are and why they’re necessary to do anything at all when you’re engaged in a campaign.

A landing page is a single web page that is established for the sole purpose of promoting or advertising a product or service. Landing pages are created with a specific goal in mind. This goal is an action from the customer encapsulated by the CTA or call-to-action.

Throughout the inbound marketing cycle, landing pages are employed at various stages. From introducing your business to a prospective customer in your target market to turning a lead into a paying customer, landing pages may assist you at each stage of the purchase process.

To completely grasp the concept of a landing page and its related benefits, it’s necessary first to comprehend what qualifies as a non-landing page.

Most marketers do not regard a website’s homepage and associated web pages as landing pages. This is because these pages have a clearly defined purpose. For example, the homepage is not typically created with a single call to action in mind. Rather than that, a home page’s goal is to introduce a visitor to a website/brand and to demonstrate what material they can access.

This provides users with multiple navigation options and lacks a specific CTA. Nevertheless, consider that many successful brands use their homepages as the landing page for their PPC campaigns and organic marketing efforts. There’s nothing wrong with using the homepage as the landing page if the design is focused on the CTA and the navigation is not intrusive to keep the user’s engagement and focus dead center on the offer and, subsequently, the CTA.

What are the different types of landing pages for businesses?

Landing pages aid digital marketers in achieving a wide range of business goals. Since there are many marketing goals, SEO copywriting experts like The Content Experts PH have studied different formats and strategies depending on what the digital marketer or business wants to accomplish with the landing page.

Lead-Gen Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are designed to convert a targeted website visitor into a lead for your business by collecting personal information about the visitor, such as:

  • Name
  • Social media handle/s
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Function or job title
  • Phone number
  • Business address
  • Email

Your business can then turn that lead into a paying customer using this information. For example, this form of landing page can grow email subscriber lists, guide users through the inbound marketing cycle, or boost sales for a specified time. Many businesses make full use of video marketing to generate leads.

Click-Through Landing Pages

These landing pages contain special promotions, discounts, and other special offers. Businesses create these landing pages to persuade users to make an immediate purchase. However, these landing pages are also often straightforward in design and are often utilized much later in the buying cycle.

Explainer Landing Pages

Additionally referred to as long-form or infomercial landing pages, this landing page depends heavily on content to encourage viewers to take action or take the next step.

Rather than relying on flashy sales language or visuals to entice users, these landing pages operate similarly to an infomercial, presenting a slew of perks, features, and persuasive copy to educate the visitor.

These landing pages are suitable for campaigns requiring users to provide specific personal information or make a significant purchase, such as those offering an educational course or a service or product that requires a substantial cost upon ordering.

Product-Specific or Service-Specific Landing Pages

Product detail landing pages, which are frequently utilized in the retail industry, present users with every piece of information about a product.

Many shops direct their marketing efforts to these standard website pages, while others construct campaign-specific landing pages with minimal navigation and distractions.

These pages are designed to take interested readers directly to the product or service and persuade them to purchase immediately.

Of course, these are just a few of the landing page formats that marketers might use. The landing page to utilize is determined by the marketing tactic(s) used and the campaign’s ultimate objective.

How do you make the most effective landing pages?

Restriction of Page Navigation

You want to keep the visitor’s attention on the CTA and not on other materials on your website.

Keep It Brief and Simple (Except the Explainers)

Once more, you want your visitor to consume the content well and act. If you end up distracting your audience with excessive copy, functionality, or design, you will impact your conversions. Therefore, always maintain simplicity but provide sufficient consumer information to decide based on how good the info and offer are.

Offer a Ton of Value, Period

If visitors act, you had better provide value in exchange. Determine what value your audience desires and requires and offer it on your landing page.

Do A/B Testing

Optimization of landing pages necessitates extensive testing. Everything from the location of the inquiry form to the headline itself may be A/B tested to ensure your campaign achieves the best results possible.

Maximize Video

Conversions are increased by 86 percent when the video is used on a landing page!

Make Sure You Have Above-the-Fold CTA

While it has been demonstrated that long-form text pages can increase conversions by 220% when used appropriately, this may not be the case for your campaigns all the time. Therefore, it might be good to maintain a strong CTA above the fold to ensure that it is immediately visible to new visitors.

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Location Page Creation & Copywriting

What are location pages?

Location pages are crucial for local SEO or local search engine optimization. Essentially, these pages inform users about a business’ activities and outreach for a particular geographic location. Typically, enterprises use business directories and platforms like Google My Business for reaching customers. However, when you have a lot to say or details that your NAP can’t encapsulate on GMB, your site needs to have dedicated location pages for each city and state that you want to target for local SEO efforts.

A location page, alternatively referred to as a service area page or city landing page, is a highly targeted web page that contains all the critical information about your business location for clients and search engines.

This contains the NAP information for your location, as well as detailed offerings, reviews, directions to your business, business hours, and other critical details.

Regardless of the location type for your business, your location page/s will contain a range of essential components. The technique you choose to optimize your location page, on the other hand, will rely on the number of places you have. For instance, a brick-and-mortar business with multiple locations will handle location pages differently from a single store SAB.

Location pages assist customers in locating precise information about your business’s location, and numerous components of these sites act as ranking factors for local SERPs, too.

Are your local SEO efforts suffering? Email us today for help with location pages for any business, city, or state. Start outsourcing content creation efforts to professionals ASAP.

Service Page Copywriting

What are service pages?

Your services page is a vital page on your website since it explains what you offer and how your firm differentiates itself from the competition.

It begins with messaging.

Depending on the service you provide, you must determine the most effective manner to convey it. This can be accomplished using concise sentences, lengthy paragraphs, bullet point sections, or videos.

A stunning design is required to complement the content.

If your services are visual, supplementing the material with a range of photography/graphics may help tie everything together. If not, simpler icons with less detailed images may be more appropriate. While you may have a fantastic services page after this, you still must worry about your competition.

Just think: how can you differentiate yourself from them and demonstrate that you offer a superior solution?

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