Blogging Services by Market and Industry

The Content Experts PH offers a comprehensive suite of content marketing solutions for professional bloggers, businesses, PR agencies, and publications.

We back our professional blogging services with 15+ years of experience in the trenches; we’ve cut our teeth across countless content marketing campaigns, and we’ve built professional websites from the ground up with content SEO that convinces and converts.

We also offer SEO-friendly content, SEO copywriting, and SEO by industry, including SEO for lawyers, SEO for consulting firms, SEO for handyman companies, and so many more. We serve every market/industry with passion and focus.

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Blogging by Market/Industry

We at The Content Experts PH understand that you need writing that clicks with your readers and contains appropriate formatting and information for your market/industry.

We take blogging seriously, as blog content remains the backbone of on-page optimization, organic traffic efforts, and topical authority on the internet. However, you may have tried working with freelancers whose output did not match the informational requirement you were looking for.

This is a common problem in the freelance writing market, as low-energy players tend to apply a single, universal template to all their blogging work. As a result, you get blogs that fail to address the following essential points:

  1. Customer pain points if your main goal is to market a product or service to your readers.
  2. Customer interests, if you’re addressing a gap in your inbound marketing efforts and you’re in the market to attract and engage more readers.
  3. Existing problems and potential solutions, if you’ve engaged some customers and converted but would like to keep them returning to your website during the retention phase.

Blogging is a cost-effective and high-yield content marketing method that fits perfectly with more considerable inbound marketing efforts. Furthermore, you can repurpose old blog content or update them.

Content audits are much more productive if you can update old content that still has potential. Distribution is the next step—we prepare the content, and you prepare your marketing channels for great content that regularly comes for your growing tree of readers.

While many businesses fail to see the central importance of blogging to their businesses, we at The Content Experts PH know that businesses with blogs tend to lose a ton of revenue annually. We’re talking about a loss of 50% or more.

Remove frequent content updates from the equation, and you will lose organic traffic. On the other hand, investing in content now means you’re fit for the SEO marathon, and you have faith in your customers, who will naturally seek information, product reviews, service reviews, listicles, and how-to articles before deciding to sign up for a service or buy a new product. Great blogging revolves around the natural need to find solutions, and we are here with you and your readers.

The Anatomy of a Great Blog

There are no strict rules for writing blogs. Some blogs become successful because of the author’s expertise; others are successful because the entirety of the blog offers numerous resources that make the entire website a toolbox of knowledge for readers. So, contrary to what some ‘online sages’ say, quantity does count with a blog.

You can be the most fantastic expert in your market, but if you blog six times a year, you’re not going to attract enough readers for a high-yield year. Therefore, three critical components must combine with every content marketing campaign centered on blogging: strategy, quantity, and quality.

You need all three to drive organic traffic and revenue up. It would help to continue producing content using ongoing customer experience information and keyword research. The content must be prepared using the current standards in search engine optimization.

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