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The Content Experts PH offers SEO content writing services for businesses and professionals.

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You’ve probably read this somewhere else, but it bears repeating here, of all places: your business needs good content. Today.

All businesses need good content, so many companies work with search engine optimization (SEO) content services. SEO in content writing is just something you need to do if you don’t want to wait a year or two for your content to ever surface on the search engine. And with so much competition anywhere, you’re best spending your marketing budget on your website (and content) instead of advertising.

Content SEO builds your empire, not renting a space that disappears when your PPC budget is exhausted.

The confusion, however, stems from defining what good content is in the first place.

How Does Google Define Good Content?

To many business owners, the ultimate goal of writing an SEO-friendly article, listicle, guide, or review is to appear on the first page of Google. However, while appearing on page one of relevant queries is the sweetest reward, the effort of creating SEO-friendly content is multidimensional.

At The Content Experts PH, we are aware that search engines have become savvier in serving results and more intelligent because of the latest language engines and ML/AI.

Machine learning brings search engines closer and closer to unlocking natural human language.

Expect more refinements in the coming years. With a better understanding of natural human language comes more challenges to business owners. For example, how do you match the savviness of artificial intelligence that learns from millions, if not billions, of user-generated feedback daily?

The answer is simple:

We learn and adapt the content to match the quality guidelines for SEO writing content.

As Google and the other search engines grow, so should your business and its content. Google has clarified that it focuses on the entire site and not just the text when ranking organic results.

Essentially, “good content” involves the following:

– Text

– Integrated media

– Layout of the content

– Overall site design

If you haven’t had a “eureka moment” yet, it’s that simple (and complex).

SEO in content writing means creating a great page experience on top of providing relevant and customer-friendly content. And yes. SEO content still matters (the technical tweaks, that is).  

And while Google will never admit what specific ranking signals they use (and why should they), it’s clear these past few years that Google has developed sophisticated metrics for arriving at SERPs that people will find helpful. So despite being the foremost search engine on the planet, Google still wants more love.

And so, we’re back at the beginning: your business needs good content.

What Is SEO Writing?

SEO content serves four primary purposes in content marketing:

1. To entertain.

2. To inspire.

3. To educate.

4. To convince.

Often, a site’s content strategy can combine all four purposes in a neat package because we want the customer to act. And how do you make someone work? First, you provide the entire horizon, so they need to see everything to decide.  

The Content Experts PH helps solve common issues associated with unoptimized content, and there are many:

Duplicate Content Issues

When duplicate material is causing a site’s rankings to suffer, we create unique, optimized content. In addition, the Content Experts PH is frequently called upon to update and remedy duplicate content on eCommerce sites, such as manufacturer descriptions.

Thin Content

Google defines thin content as stuff that adds little value to users’ experience. Sites with little content are penalized by Google, which lowers their search engine ranks. Thin material is typically found on affiliate websites where content is usually flat-out bad. We supplement narrow content with original, relevant, and well-optimized information.

If you wrote something on your website, it was good because it has an authentic voice; we will enrich that content, so Google picks it up. Google prioritizes comprehensive and valuable information on the web. While it’s not all about length, thin content will also get you nowhere.

Non-Optimized Content

Website relevancy might be diluted by content that isn’t smart, strategic, or deliberate, and your ranking on SERPs can significantly suffer as a result. By assessing your site’s content to ensure it is optimized according to best practices, The Content Experts PH‘s SEO content services alleviate the dead weight of unoptimized content, so your site gets the attention it deserves.

There is nothing worse than having good products and services and zero organic traffic because your site content is not optimized for search technology.

Unpolished Content

Content should be devoid of typos, mistakes, and unclear terminology, encouraging readers to act. Google uses these criteria to determine the quality of content. Content must fit the tone and professionalism of the institution it represents, not just “get the point across.” We can match the high quality of your website content to your company’s high quality.

Content Gaps

On occasion, a website may be missing core content in critical areas, such as the home page or landing pages. We create original material that is optimized to match the top keywords that your clients are typing into search engines to find your company. The material is appropriate for the target demographic and brand, and it fosters a stronger bond with potential customers.

The Content Experts PH may also develop specialized marketing content, such as announcements and press releases, that distinguishes the company, establishes authority and competence, and optimizes search traffic and online branding.

At all phases of the process, the Content Experts PH works directly with you to ensure that it fulfills your demands, voice, brand, and SEO goals.

If you like to work with an SEO content production agency from the Philippines to improve the quality of your website, submit a request for more information.

What Are SEO Content Writing Services?

Our SEO content writing services aim to develop excellent content for your business for different platforms and purposes.

Skyrocket Content Production

Your website material will be improved or added to more quickly by us. Search engines like Google consider your website’s content when determining where it should be in their results. You’ll be able to publish new content to your website much more quickly if you have our SEO writers on your team. Likewise, you’ll get results faster if you post more frequently.

Get Quality Content with Amazing Value

In terms of quality, we write material that attracts and ranks. SEO-friendly content attracts visitors and is written so that search engines will rank it better than other comparable content. This is a win-win situation for your business. Both objectives can be met by The Content Experts PH.

Content That Gives Value for Your Money

We work within your budget and timeframe constraints to produce your desired material. For example, we can design entire new sections of a website, write a selection of crucial pages, or optimize/edit for clients with an in-house copywriting team.

SEO Integration All the Way

We drive content based on clients’ needs. Because SEO and content are integral parts of the more comprehensive SEO campaign, each SEO content project will be targeted toward clear objectives and created with a strategy in mind.

We love collaborating with clients. We make sure that the content is appropriate for the intended audience. The Content Experts PH creates original, high-quality, and searches engine-worthy web page copy to help businesses achieve their search and marketing objectives.

We also provide guest posting services and SEO copywriting for eCommerce sites, landing pages, service pages, etc.

If you need help with content creation, editing, or optimization, The Content Experts can help. Request for information today.

What Are SEO Content Strategies?

Every business should have a clear content strategy to tackle any digital marketing objective. Below is a general outline of what a content strategy would look like, though things may vary depending on your site’s state and goals.

Create a List of Rockstar Ideas for Your Content

Despite their importance, keywords are no longer the initial step toward organic development. Instead, it’s better to start with a list of themes you want to cover with your article.

Begin by jotting down roughly ten keywords and phrases that describe your product or service. Although these topics are linked to prominent short-tail keywords, they aren’t devoted to specific blog pieces.

A list of 10-15 short-tail keywords relevant to your business and being searched for by your target audience can be created by using search volume and competition as a measurement. Then, sort this list by the amount of monthly traffic it receives.

As we’ll see in a moment, each of the keywords you’ve chosen to focus on may be thought of as a pillar supporting a broader group of long-tail keywords.

Time for Some Long-Tail Keywords

Optimizing your pages for specific keywords is what you’ll be doing in this phase. Using your keyword tool, identify five to ten long-tail keywords for each of the pillars you’ve defined.

Even though we frequently write about SEO, it’s challenging to achieve high rankings in Google for a term with such broad appeal. In addition, when we create numerous sites simultaneously, we risk competing with our material, which may appear on the same search engine results page (SERP). Since SEO is a broad term, we also write about completing keyword research, optimizing pictures for search engines, and developing an SEO plan (which you’re currently reading).

Businesses benefit from this by appealing to a broader range of customers, increasing the number of potential customers interested in what they have to offer.

Create blog entries or site pages based on your long-tail keywords that detail the specific themes inside the pillars you’ve chosen. All your long-tail keywords come together to form a ring around a central idea. The relationships between clusters that search engine algorithms depend on to connect consumers with the information they are seeking.

Build Pages for Each Topic

In terms of websites and search engine rankings, it’s near-impossible to rank a single page for many relevant keywords. However, this is when things become serious.

Create a page or post based on the pillar themes you came up with in step two, utilizing the long-tail keywords you came up with for each cluster. It’s like a table of contents, where you’re giving a quick overview of the primary topic and mentioning subtopics that will be covered in subsequent entries.

As the last point, the number of pillar pages you develop should correspond to the number of items and services you provide. As a result, prospects and clients will be able to find you far more easily in search engines now, regardless of the keywords they employ.

Start a New Blog

Blogging is a great strategy to improve your website’s search engine rankings and keep your visitors engaged. It’s important to remember that every blog post is a new web page and an opportunity to improve your search engine rankings. Consider starting a blog for your company if you don’t currently have one.

You should do three things as you create each blog article and expand on your clusters:

Keep your long-tail keyword in your content no more than three or four times because Google no longer considers exact keyword matches as often. In addition, search engines will penalize you if they detect that you’re employing keyword stuffing to boost your rankings, so be careful not to overuse your keyword.

If you have a pillar page for each topic, always link back to that page. Tags in your CMS or introductory anchor text in the body of the article can be used to do this.

Link each blog post to the parent pillar page that supports its subtopic as soon as you publish it. The long-tail keyword you’re targeting has a connection to the broad topic you’re attempting to rank for, so tying the pillar and cluster together tells Google as much.

Craft a Content Calendar

Your posts and pages don’t have to be part of a particular topic cluster. However, it’s also a good idea to write about topics unrelated to your target audience to establish credibility with search engines like Google.

It’s a good idea to post a new blog entry at least once every week. It’s essential to keep in mind that you’re blogging for your readers, not for search engines, so do your research and write about topics that your intended audience will find interesting.

Create a content plan to keep yourself on track and focused on your goals.

While the subject cluster approach is a great technique to encourage your website’s content to rank higher, it isn’t the only option to do so.

Link-building is the fundamental goal of off-page SEO, which we covered in our first five phases. Inbound links (also known as backlinks) point back to your website from other websites. In general, more authoritative sites that link back to your material have a more significant impact on your results than less authoritative ones.

Spend some time coming up with new ideas for attracting inbound links. In the beginning, you may begin by exchanging links with local businesses in exchange for links to their websites, or you may produce a few blog articles and put them on various social media networks. Alternatively, you might ask other sites to allow you to write guest posts that link back to your site.

The Content Experts PH can help your business with keyword research, topic clustering, creating pillar content, discovering content opportunities, and of course, SEO content writing. Request for more information today!