WordPress Maintenance Services

The Content Experts PH offers personalized WordPress maintenance services for professionals, small businesses, eCommerce retailers, and others. Our WordPress maintenance services are geared toward making your website more efficient, secure, updated, and organized.

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What are WordPress Maintenance Services?

WordPress maintenance services are necessary if you want your WordPress site to remain speedy, efficient, and secure. As a website ages, it accumulates unnecessary backups and files that can slow down the site.

An owner must go through dozens of steps if he is going to perform the website maintenance independently. With our WordPress maintenance services, you can relax knowing that we look under the hood every month and make sure that your site is finetuned and ready to bring in more leads and sales. We offer scalable monthly WordPress maintenance packages to improve your ROI and sales while keeping your website stable.

How Do Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services Work?

Most website owners don’t give much thought to upkeep. Many people don’t see it as a necessity but rather a chore. As a result, it is often a task that goes unfinished. As a result, your site is more vulnerable to being hacked, slowing down, or losing search engine rankings if you don’t keep it up to date with the latest updates.

Monthly WordPress maintenance guarantees that your site will be in good health for the long term. There’s no need to wait for the time when everything breaks down. Regular maintenance will prevent this scenario, and you can continue scaling and improving your digital business for years to come. Be sure to make backups so you can quickly restore to an earlier point in time. The following areas should be included in a regular WordPress maintenance schedule:

  • Regular WordPress backups
  • Regular plugin monitoring and updates
  • Maintaining a secure and healthy site
  • Monitoring site performance
  • Database streamlining

Let’s look at the components of regular WordPress maintenance services:


Your website’s long-term viability depends on regular backups. Even though backups can reverse a lot of errors and potentially damaging website issues, they are frequently overlooked and sometimes even completely ignored by site owners.

If you haven’t been making backups or were not aware that you can make backups, know that this simple task can reverse site builder problems and database errors if your backup goes back far enough to a time when site code is still healthy. That’s why it makes sense to keep multiple backups at once, with each one a little farther in the timeline.

Automated backups will be the most convenient option, but they must be tested frequently to ensure they are working correctly. You have plenty of backup options, too. Some of the most well-liked are listed below for your perusal. Your website’s data is backed up regularly by most web hosts. Check your original hosting agreement to determine if regular backups are included in the plan you signed up for.

You must make multiple copies of your website’s backup files. On the other hand, it’s possible to set up a regular backup of your website files to DropBox or any other appropriate cloud service, but you could also store them on your computer or an external drive. There are so many ways to make backups. Redundancy protection is equally important. Having these extra safeguards is crucial for your WordPress site’s long-term preservation.

Updates to the WordPress CMS

A new version of WordPress is released almost daily. The WordPress core affects the usability of all your installed themes and plugins. For your website to continue working correctly, you must apply these updates as regularly as possible.

Install these updates regularly to avoid having code conflicts and obsolete parts of your site. Consequently, your website will be less secure and less effective than it otherwise would be. Ensure to upgrade the WordPress core, your theme, and any plugins in that order when installing these updates. Avoiding conflicts between plugins and articles will help keep your website running smoothly.

If you’re running many plugins on your website, you’ll want to upgrade each one individually. In the event of an issue, you’ll be able to identify which plugin was responsible and fix the problem quickly. WordPress sites can run as many as thirty-plus plugins at a time, especially if you have a large retail website that requires a ton of features to serve customers better.

Dealing with Spam and Unwanted Comments

As a rule, comment spam consists of low-quality comments posted solely to gain backlinks. Your website (or articles) does not benefit from these links. They’re exactly as they’re called in the community – spam and nothing more. Unfortunately, we can do little to stop these underground operations from trying to post on your website. Put a fence around your pages and content so the spam filters can grab these comments before they make a mess of your website.

WP Site Security

A healthy website is protected from intruders while also operating at peak efficiency. It’s important to know which areas of your website are performing well and which aren’t, and tools like Analytics can help you do just that. Regularly checking your website’s stats will allow you to catch problems early on before they become out of hand.

Website downtime, slow page load times, and broken links are common health issues. Always keep an eye on your metrics to catch any small shifts before they significantly impact.

Additionally, website security is an essential part of maintaining a healthy website. What you do next will depend on the size of your site and the overall security measures in place.

Keeping Your Database Optimized and Up to Date

If you run a high-traffic website, your database may need some tender loving care. Your website’s loading times will improve, and database errors will be less frequent if you keep it clean by maintaining your database.

The Content Experts PH is knowledgeable about WordPress maintenance services, and we can take these tasks off your plate. Gain back time for working on your business and not working in it. We offer WordPress maintenance alongside WordPress design services and WordPress development/customization for your WP site’s front end. Request more information today!