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The Content Experts PH provides blogging services to small businesses, thought leaders, professionals, eCommerce retailers, and enterprises.

We combine our intense insights on content optimization and SEO to create engaging and technically sound blogs for human readers and search engines. Do you want to be found through blogs? Email us today to request information.

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Businesses have never had the best opportunity to incorporate blogging into their overall marketing strategy than they do now. Besides promoting your business and driving traffic to your site, blogging helps build trust with your potential customers. You can do that starting today with the help of our ghostwriting services.

There are many advantages to blogging for business.

The Content Experts PH specializes in content creation to drive traffic and generate organic, inbound links. Additionally, our blog outreach and guest posting services can help support your offsite SEO efforts with the same level of quality in both content and backlinks.

Blogging can increase your brand’s online visibility through inbound marketing. Business blogs, like social media, direct mail, email, and other forms of marketing (e.g., blogs), ultimately help businesses grow.

One of the oldest content formats since Web 1.0 is still assisting brands in achieving better brand authority, a more consistent brand identity, more leads, and more sales! Blogs also widen your net, helping your digital presence garner a bigger, targeted audience.

Question: How can potential customers discover your business?

Answer: You blog regularly while optimizing your pages and content.

The Benefits of Regular Blogging

Blogging is SEO-Friendly

A regularly updated blog can help your business show up on SERPs. In addition, you will generate organic traffic by ranking for search terms every time you publish an optimized blog post.

Regular blogging is also a great way to show Google and other search engines that your site is active and worth watching. Google engineers have repeatedly stated that sites need to be as active as possible for good rankings and indexing to continue. In addition, there is evidence that regular site updates and blogs help keep websites on the radar.

Blogs are Social Media Fuel

We also recommend repurposing blog content for your social channels too.

Social media management is much easier if you have content like blogs to redistribute to followers.

Businesses also can sign up for social media content services so they can publish different content formats over time. Varying your content formats will help keep followers in your social channels engaged and interested in what you must share. Regular content updates also help your social media profiles fresh and relevant. Social media algorithms also consider how active profiles and pages are. Treat every social media platform as a search engine and understand how content contributes to success there.

It’s all about fresh and regular content.

Blogs Help Increase Conversions

With the traffic you’ve gained from blogging, you can turn more visitors into leads.

Every blog is a chance to generate new leads, just like every indexed page is another blog post you write. Therefore, every blog post should have a lead-generating call to action. Calls to action often lead to free eBooks, white papers, fact sheets, and other content assets that will encourage customers to provide their personal information. When it comes to traffic-to-lead conversions, this is as simple as it gets:

  1. A user accesses a website.
  2. The site offers a freebie for download.
  3. The site provides a simple form the visitor must complete after clicking the call-to-action or CTA to collect visitor data.
  4. After a customer fills out the form, they will receive a special offer.

It’s OK if not everyone who visits your blog ends up signing up as a lead. No one can generate leads from every single person who visits their blog. Set a monthly goal for improving your visitor-to-lead conversion rate, then start blogging and implementing calls-to-action on all your posts.

Blogs Are Educational and Build Your Online Credibility

The best business blogs answer the most frequently asked questions by their readers and customers. However, SEO content writing is just the first step. Your credibility will grow as an industry leader or authority if you regularly produce valuable content or articles for your target audience.

An educational blog post written by one of your employees could enormously impact a confused customer. Alternatively, how many more deals could a salesperson close if their leads discovered blog posts written by their salesperson?

While it’s not as tangible as organic traffic, clicks, impressions, and leads, authority can generate precious online clout for your brand.  

This is worth pondering:

Your blog posts may be able to answer some of your customers’ most frequently asked questions. Because you’ve helped them in the past, even before they were interested in buying from you, they’re more likely to come into the sales funnel trusting what you have to say.

Potential customers who have been reading your blog posts are more likely to enter the sales funnel to understand your products and services better. This is a far more effective way to close a deal than a conversation between two strangers. This is like the heart of inbound marketing. This is because it’s such a good example.

If a customer has a question requiring an in-depth explanation or a written response, salespeople can consult the blog’s archive of previous posts. In addition to speeding up conversions and sales, these articles position the salesperson as a helpful resource to their prospect, which helps to build trust in the relationship.

blogging services

Regular Blogging Encourages Natural Link Building

Backlinks are among more than 200 factors considered by Google’s algorithm when determining a site’s position in search engine results. Backlinks are considered by many SEO experts and small business owners to be the third most important factor in SEO. Third.

While Google will never reveal the exact parameters, plenty of evidence shows that quality backlinks can quickly push a new website to the top. Conversely, a lack of backlinks and interest in a website can push rankings down until a website disappears from the radar. Scary!

Naturally, link building is the most challenging part of search optimization, despite the importance of inbound links. To get relevant links, you should write content that benefits your potential customers and those that your audience sees as industry leaders. When other websites link to an authoritative website, it’s like getting a recommendation from a trusted source. It also tells Google that you can be trusted and have authority in your field. Your content efforts will likely translate to better search engine visibility through higher DA (domain authority).

Blogging Showcases Your Business’ Stories, Ideas, and Updates

There are many ways to share your brand’s story with your audience. For example, if you are currently revamping your website, you can share that with your audience. Even if they don’t read it on the day you published it, they will eventually check out your blog and see it. What’s important is the update is there, and they will learn that you are exerting effort in making your website look good through better WordPress design.

Have a brilliant case study? Tell your readers all about it! Are you planning a trade show or fair in your area? The more people who know about the event, the better. In addition to humanizing your brand, sharing company news on your blog shows your audience that you’re not all about selling.

The Content Experts PH is your solid choice for blogging that converts and ranks. We live and breathe blogging. We blog millions of words annually. So contact us today, and let’s start blogging!