SEO-Friendly Content Writing Services

In searching for better solutions for consistent organic traffic, business owners eventually discover the importance of SEO-friendly content writing services. If you’re planning to outsource your content writing to the Philippines, you get both value and long-term cost savings, coupled with the unmatched skill of veteran copywriters and content writers in the country. The Content Experts PH proudly has fifteen years of SEO copywriting and content SEO experience. Request for more information today.


The Process of Writing SEO-Friendly Content

Step One: Competition Research

Step Two: Keyword Cluster Research

Step Three: Content Development

Step Four: Review and Optimization

Content Marketing Benefits (Or Why You Needed Better Content Yesterday)

Increase Visitor Engagement

Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings and Organic Traffic

Achieve Ultimate Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT This!)

Boost PR and Social Media Efforts

Support Your Customers Through the Sales Funnel

Enhance The Relationship Between Consumers and Your Brand

Content Can Help Boost Sales

Great Content Builds Your Reputation as a Market Leader or Industry Expert

The Process of Writing SEO-Friendly Content

Business owners are usually impression that writing SEO-friendly content adds keywords and posts blogs or page content. But unfortunately, the process is far from simple. Here at The Content Experts PH, we follow a complex, step-by-step process that eventually yields the essential data that we will then analyze for the client to craft a content calendar, content strategy, or content plan, depending on the requirements of the client.

Competition Research

The first step is analyzing Google SERPs for target phrases or search terms. Next, we need to find out how Google has been crawling the web for the information and how Google’s ML/AI has been treating the subject.

Google puts its own unique ‘spin’ on SERPs even for closely related search terms, so no two keywords are ever the same. For example, suppose you have ten longtail keywords or phrases. In that case, those ten phrases can yield radically different and dynamic SERPs that Google will eventually adjust based on the signals from the ‘crowd’ or the people using the search engine to find information.

Many SEO agencies will say that once you are on top, it will be hard to depose your page. However, this is only 50/50 correct. From our experience, content from the top or foremost SERP can be removed by fresh content that is more competitive and contains more information.

We use a robust content SEO method for creating the type of content that can rock SERPs at their core.

The Content Experts PH offers this type of content writing with our complete content SEO package, where the content gets all the essential phases of development from start to finish.

Keyword Cluster Research

Search engines have vastly grown in the last 20 years. The way they worked in the early 2000s is no longer how they worked now. Twenty years ago, the main issue was getting the keywords in, and you can make any cheap piece of content rank on the first page.

Google has grown complexly after so many algorithmic changes, you are dealing with an educated digital librarian who hates spam.

So, the main challenge is to research keywords in such a way that you achieve the following objectives:

1. Rank on Google SERPs

2. Beat your competition on their turf, and then some.

3. Provide relevant information to users when they need it.

4. Combine the SEO strategy with the human dimension of digital marketing, which provides solutions to people’s problems.

The hubbub’s core is the humble keywords – the search terms that correspond to people’s queries from desktop PCs, Macs, and smartphones. But, unfortunately, it’s no longer as simple as it was before. Luckily, we now use AI research tools and various SEO methods to find relevant terms that would serve as the foundation of the content that will please and delight your customers.

Let us be clear: keywords are still important in search. You can’t go wrong with sensible keyword research. But the way keywords are surfaced and collected matters. You can’t use just any group of keywords. The keywords must correspond to actual human needs, their related interests, and so on. So again, we have our method of delivering keyword clusters that we can then use to craft content for improving organic traffic. The roadmap is complex, which is why you should never rely on cheap writing to get things done. Cheap writing will only frustrate you, and it will hurt your website.

Content Development

When the skeletal frame of the content is ready, we proceed with content production. Since clients have different needs, we also offer various development methods. The ‘basic’ SEO-friendly content is informal and friendly, suitable for most blogs.

The more comprehensive form of content is called skyscraper content. You have probably encountered these pieces of content from top websites. They’re usually more extended, more organized, and more comprehensive in scope and depth. Skyscraper content often tops SERPs because they comply with Google’s ranking signals and are more useful for customers. This type of content takes many hours of development to complete, and therefore, they also cost more. It is never enough to rattle off a long piece of copy without any strategy. Nine times out of ten, that type of content will not rank and be ignored by the search engines.

Review and Optimization

The final step of the content development process here at The Content Experts PH is review and optimization. Apart from fixing any grammar and syntax issues (we use Grammarly Premium), we will also use existing research and competitor data to improve the context-building vocabulary of the content to bring it even closer to what standard Google has set for the target search terms. This is a time-intensive phase that requires utmost focus on the side of the content writers and editors.

Do you need help in developing SEO-friendly content? Are you tired of service providers who give you substandard work without any strategy at all? Then, contact us today. Let The Content Experts PH give you the content SEO experience your business deserves.

Content Marketing Benefits

What are the benefits of content marketing for companies, small businesses, and professionals?

Brand messaging consistency is one aspect that defines your company’s growth and success. Consistent branding is a skill that big brands have honed through time.

Similarly, your content must have a distinct and recognizable tone, style, and pitch across all distribution platforms in content marketing.

Credibility, trust, and reputation are bolstered by maintaining a high-quality standard in your content.

We’ve established that your content must be constant. In addition, why should a company use content marketing first? You may reap these benefits by implementing content marketing.

Increase Visitor Engagement

The quality of your material is a vital asset in digital marketing. It’s a powerful tool for attracting new customers and keeping them coming back for more. With it, you’ll have the ability to reaffirm your brand’s positive image and attract new customers.

Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings and Organic Traffic

No one serious about inbound marketing would be caught dead without a solid content marketing plan in place. The best approach to increase traffic to your website is to create high-quality, relevant content.

What happens when you fix your website’s technical SEO issues? Not at all. To keep your audience excited, you consistently produce high-quality content. Then, Google will reward you with improved search engine rankings by creating informative content that answers users’ queries (SERP).

Backlinks from high-authority websites and blogs also increase Google’s confidence in your site.

However, generic, diluted pieces of material will not be cited by anyone worth their link juice. Unique, data-driven material that piques their interest and interests them is what they are looking for.

With each piece of content you are also adding keywords to your armory, which helps to improve your longtail keyword results. Your keyword density grows as you produce more content, bringing in a broader range of interested readers. The long-term and compounding return on your SEO investment will result from this method.

Achieve Ultimate Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT This!)

E-A-T, or Expertise, Authority, Trust, is Google’s succinct acronym for what it expects from websites.

Type “how to enhance your eCommerce sales” or “what should I sell online” into any search engine to see how well a brand does. Finally, have a peek at the SERPs. We’re willing to wager that at least one of those searches will result in a first-page listing for Shopify.

For starters, Shopify’s biggest mission was to deliver a platform that’s easy to use and accessible to anyone. Additionally, businesses can reach their intended audience by having evergreen content authored by industry experts that addresses client concerns and fosters long-term partnerships.

For e-commerce websites, content marketing extends far beyond transactional pages, as demonstrated by Shopify. It’s possible to have your business included on high-ranking websites by writing helpful, data-driven blog posts. Consequently, this improves E-A-T, which in turn enhances SEO’s performance.

The experience and authority that Shopify has created throughout the customer journey mean that when that ambitious entrepreneur ultimately decides to stop planning and start doing, Shopify will be their preferred platform of choice.

In the SERPs, authority isn’t confined to a single domain. For example, to become a thought leader on a well-known and respected industry website, you need to write an article demonstrating your authority and credibility.

Boost PR and Social Media Efforts

For every piece of content that visitors find helpful, clever, powerful, or entertaining, you have one more potential customer who could become an ambassador for your company. Brand advocates have the power to impact your marketing ROI in a big way.

A brand advocate is someone who actively promotes your business on social media and is willing to spread the word. They will suggest you work for their friends (and maybe thousands of their internet connections). And they’ll help magnify your voice.

It’s impossible to have brand evangelists without quality content. But, if they don’t have anything in common with your brand, they won’t be able to spread your content or aid in the growth of your fan base.

As soon as you’ve established a strategy for your content marketing efforts? Those supporters don’t just spring up on their own. Your content strategy and PR strategy may work together to ensure that the best of your content gets the attention it deserves. Blogs and publications with a high level of authority are hungry for new material to share. They’ll make a note of it when your content conveys that data.

As a result, these publications act as a springboard for your accomplishments, propelling them from the ground up. As soon as a high-ranking blog or media outlet has something to say, other media outlets listen. They’ll begin to link to your work as well in the future. Moreover, the cumulative effect of SEO on your PR is amplified.

Support Your Customers Through the Sales Funnel.

All three stages of the conversion funnel can be targeted by content marketing and SEO because they are unique. Don’t worry about what your customer is trying to accomplish. It is possible to develop material that meets their demands at just the right time.

Enhance The Relationship Between Consumers and Your Brand

Isn’t it wonderful when you and a friend are so close that you could eat each other’s lunch together?

As soon as you know exactly what your customer is looking for, you can provide a similar experience whenever customers contact your brand online. Customers appreciate your willingness to give facts they didn’t know they needed to complete their sentences (or sandwiches). You give your visitors a toolkit to explore a particular area of interest or resolve a specific problem by providing helpful information.

Visualizing pairing that with a fun, entertaining, or sassy brand personality. People will soon develop an emotional attachment to your brand.

After taking advantage of all these content marketing advantages, you’ll soon become the brand that your audience trusts and the brand that they can’t wait to tell their friends about, too. Loyalty is born out of a sense of confidence in what brands offer online.

Content Can Help Boost Sales

Conversions are influenced by the content you provide on your website. It’s a great way to establish a personal connection with your customers and provide them with relevant knowledge they need to make informed decisions they won’t regret later on.

With blog content, consider employing unique visuals rather than stock photographs because marketers say they’re the least effective in helping them achieve their goals.

In addition, you should always include a CTA (call-to-action) in your content and direct your readers to take the next step.

Great Content Builds Your Reputation as a Market Leader or Industry Expert

Online authority can be built through the creation of high-quality content. In addition, search engines will give you a higher ranking if you’ve established your firm as a reliable source of information.

Additionally, customers are more likely to trust you if they see you as an industry authority figure. Therefore, it’s essential to show your audience that you’re an expert in your subject and that you can answer their queries.

Do you need content that works? Contact The Content Experts PH today, and we’ll end your content marketing worries, one piece of writing at a time.