Video Marketing Services

The Content Experts PH offers video marketing services to individuals, companies, and SMBs. We have a dedicated and professional video editor on the team who can help you with storyboarding and post-production work.

Since we work primarily with SMBs, you don’t have to worry about creating a significant campaign all at once. Instead, we can scale alongside your goals, and we will be there as you fully realize your video marketing goals. To request more information, please email us today.

Our video marketing services include:

Branded videos

Short digests

Teasers and trailers


Q&A videos

Livestreaming videos

Case studies

DIY videos

How-to videos

Video and audio podcast editing


Event video editing


Success stories

General video clips


101 videos

Explainer videos

Comedy videos

Webinar videos

What is Video Marketing?

The use of video to promote a company, product, or service is known as “video marketing.” In today’s digitally overloaded world, video marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with customers on an emotional level. Video marketing encompasses a wide range of techniques companies use to promote their products and services. Video marketing is often used with powerful SEO copywriting and effective social media management services. Video marketing is also applicable to small business digital marketing efforts.

Your brand’s goals and metrics and your customers’ position in the sales funnel must be considered when planning your video marketing strategy. To effectively target an audience, it is necessary to decide where and what context videos will appear. Direct partnerships between brands and advances in the dynamic video will lead to better video personalization, audience targeting, and user experience improvement.

Video marketing is a multi-sensory experience that is both emotionally and cognitively stimulating. Snapping your fingers takes the same amount of time as looking at a post on social media for a short period. People’s short attention spans are naturally captured and paused by the video’s inherent motion. They retain more of the information they see or hear in videos than they do in other forms of media.

Decide what you want to accomplish. What do you hope viewers will absorb from your videos? Defining metrics is an integral part of setting goals. Conversion rates, click-through rates, video views, or percentage of viewers who follow a call-to-action are all ways you can measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Both choices will determine what type of video content you should create.

How Do You Combine Your Current Marketing Goals with Video Marketing?

Your digital marketing strategy will be influenced by where your target audience falls in the sales funnel. Customers can be at either the beginning of the end of the funnel, depending on their relationship with your brand.

Potential customers at the top are more emotionally driven. When introducing your brand, you don’t want to overwhelm your potential customers with technical messaging. It’s a chance for you to change their mindset as they progress through the sales funnel. The central message of the video can begin to answer their questions and provide additional information. If most of your target audience is made up of loyal, repeat customers, your message will almost certainly focus on the emotional aspects of the customer experience.

Several factors must be taken into consideration when creating content. An untargeted medium like television may be sufficient for raising awareness on a broad scale. However, focusing on specific customer personas will require a more targeted approach.

Finally, context is an essential consideration in your video marketing strategy. Regardless of the medium, context is critical in video marketing. When your ad interrupts someone’s viewing experience or when your video pops up in a banner, it matters what they’re already watching or browsing. Make a connection between your brand and high-quality and timely content.

To achieve your marketing campaign objectives, you need to create good content. Depending on your overall strategy, this amount will be different. For example, to increase the volume and speed of your video production, you can produce content that doesn’t require live actors, such as animated video or video that uses stock and archived footage.

Connect with your ideal audience by establishing a distribution network through technology partners or direct relationships. Video is a good fit for any business. For digital marketers, video has become an essential component of their arsenal. In addition, organizations in any industry can now better target their content to their target audiences thanks to technological advances.

Does Video Marketing Affect SEO?

Although SEO primarily focuses on written content, videos can still benefit your search engine ranking. A person who views your video is more likely to search your company’s name on the internet. So it’s only natural that things should move in this direction. As an upper-funnel awareness asset, viral video ads can generate massive spikes in search volume and boost your brand’s credibility.

For B2B marketing, videos are becoming increasingly important. More leads, more revenue, and better brand awareness are generated by companies with a dedicated video marketing strategy, compared to those using all other forms of marketing. If you want to get your video content in front of potential customers, you’ll need to use social media platforms.

Although 90% of B2B decision-makers use search to investigate before making business decisions, we know for sure that optimizing your videos will boost your SEO benefits in the end.

Current Trends & Realities of Video Marketing

Video marketing piques customers’ interest because it allows them to connect with a brand on a more personal level. It’s likely that if someone asked you to name your favorite commercial, you’d immediately be able to recall some specifics. However, your response might differ if I asked you about your famous paid search ad.

It’s possible to draw a connection between a potential customer’s beliefs and your company’s products and services, allowing them to identify with organizations that share their values. But, unfortunately, there is always a chance things could go wrong in marketing. Video marketing is no different.

When you use video, you can’t get your message across in a single go. Instead, you’re relying on the quality of your content to keep your audience engaged long enough to hear your entire point.

In the context and the platform where your video is placed, potential customers will form either a positive or negative brand impression. Unfortunately, banner ads and pop-ups also suffer from poor context. As a result, your video may appear alongside content harmful to your brand or that does not reflect your company’s values. For example, in the case of an airline advertising on airline-related news sites, it would be preferable if their advertisement did not appear next to an article about a plane crash.

Video marketing’s use of audience targeting will only grow in importance as the technology improves. For example, marketers can no longer buy anonymous cookies of people who meet specific criteria because of policy changes that go into effect in early 2022. As a result, marketers will need to form direct partnerships with other companies to share data and target specific audiences.

Additionally, the dynamic video will rise in popularity over the next few years. It’s possible to personalize a video’s content based on the data you’ve collected from a user’s previous visits to a specific product page or a price point they’ve previously been interested in.

Another possibility is that marketing teams will shoot multiple frames of a video and then splice together specific shots to optimize for different viewers. For example, depending on the viewer’s life stage, a travel agency promoting beach vacations might use other beach scenes, such as families splashing in the waves, newlyweds walking hand in hand, or retirees playing bingo and sipping cocktails. Using a green screen and editing technology to add various brand elements or products to a video during post-production is additional for dynamic video production.

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