Digital and Print Book Layout Design Services

The Content Experts PH offers premium but cost-effective digital and print book layout design services. We work with individual authors, publishers, digital magazines, SMBs, enterprises, and companies and provide professional book design, book formatting, internal book design, book cover design, and every imaginable step in the process from conceptualization to publishing. Click here to request more information.

We design all kinds of books, including the following popular book types:

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Our Book Design Services

Book Style Creation

book design and layout services

Every book has a unique style that corresponds to several factors: the author’s general idea of what their book might look like, the genre of the book, and what’s written in the book. Combine these with the skills of the book designer, and you have a general style or what would be the blueprint of the book’s design. At this phase of the book design process, our designer will work with you in brainstorming the book style.

Our book designer will bring your creative visions to life, within reason, as we will also make stylistic decisions based on what we think will make your book look better, more professional, and more enticing to readers. This is our responsibility, one that we take very seriously as publishers ourselves. So outsource your book-style creation to The Content Experts PH, and you will get a unique and striking book design like no other.

Digital and Print Book Layout Design Services

Book Cover Design and Creation

book design and layout services

Cover images should act as teasers rather than spoilers for your cover design. Without revealing every detail, a well-designed book cover conveys a great deal about the content inside. There is a lot more to cover images than just adornment. In this way, they pique the interest of potential customers without requiring them to turn a single page.

Cover images should act as teasers rather than spoilers for your cover design. To get a sense of what the book is about, one only must look at the cover. There is a lot more to cover images than just adornment. They pique readers’ interest by laying out the plot of the book before they’ve even opened the cover.

The Content Experts PH can create seriously professional book cover designs for various literature and book types, from digital marketing guides to the finest romances. Our design team can go by genre, motivation, mood, etc. There are many ways to tap creative inspiration, and we are just excited to work with you on your book cover design.

Digital and Print Book Layout Design Services

Book Formatting

book design and layout services

Book formatting refers to the running heads, pagination styles, removing errors from the lines and paragraphs, typographical adjustments, and typography. Suppose we’re going to compare book formatting to engineering. In that case, we’re referring not only to the foundation of the book but everything above the foundation – the ceiling, the walls, the flooring, etc.

Book formatting determines the physical qualities of the text on the page and how every chapter and page flows to each other. Book formatting is an intricate task requiring many hours of detailed work that requires line-by-line checking, adjustments, etc. Our in-house designer is well-versed in the process has designed and helped publish print books that have already been exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021.

Digital and Print Book Layout Design Services

Page Formatting

Page formatting is concerned with font selection, font size and presentation (like bold or italics), spacing, margins, alignment, columns, indentation, and lists. In other words, how the words of your book will appear on the page as a whole. When a text has been properly formatted, it is consistent, correct, and a pleasure to read. It’s essential to focus on how your book looks and how the reader perceives the text.


The idea of setting type may have originated in a bygone era, but it is now more relevant than ever because of the advancement of technology. Because of our increased exposure to excellent typography in marketing materials, magazines, and books, and not to mention websites, our collective expectations for visually appealing types have risen because of technological advancements. Unfortunately, poor font choice and shoddy formatting can be spotted even by those who aren’t experts in the field. So why should self-publishers care about typesetting? Typesetting is the process of putting words on paper.

The moveable type used to be set by hand, per page, back in the day. One letter per block of metal type is familiar to most of us. Even today, manual typesetting is considered an artisanal pursuit and a niche market because of its time-consuming nature.

Professional typesetting necessitates strict adherence to a set of rules. A great deal of this etiquette dates to the days of traditional typesetting and is still followed today. To ensure high-quality print and eBooks, adhere to the rules.

When using Adobe InDesign, designers can follow the rules if they know which settings to adjust in the program. Professional typesetters rarely use the default settings of typing software. Instead, in the tradition of traditional typesetting, they change the settings for the best results—sometimes paragraph-by-paragraph, line-by-line, or even word-by-word—a grueling but rewarding activity.

book design and layout services

A Helping Hand to Self-Publishing Authors

The Content Experts PH welcomes self-publishing authors and professionals who wish to create a book for the first time with magnificent design and layout – the kind of layout that would hold well against any international standard or market. We also gladly welcome if you are interested in outsourcing book layout design projects to use if you are an independent or mainstream publisher.

We offer mid-market rates that won’t drain your budget, compared to higher rates found elsewhere.

The Content Experts PH will never compromise the quality of our book design and layout projects, as we are published authors, too. We accept design projects for both digital and print publications. While digital publications are exciting, we have a soft spot for legacy print, and we will always work with authors who wish to bring a physical book to the world.

Designing your book is an essential step after deciding to self-publish.

Authors who know they must have a beautiful cover often overlook sound design principles for the book’s interior pages. As a result, the reader ends up having a poor reading experience. Unfortunately, that means your book may be losing readers and getting bad reviews because you didn’t design it properly. This is precisely why it’s essential to sign up for professional book layout design services.

Professional book layout and design are essential if you don’t want to receive negative reviews.

This can be accomplished by studying the rules of book layout and design, which apply to the book’s cover and its interior pages. A book’s structure resembles that of a home’s floor plan. When sound design principles are incorporated into a house’s floor plan, the result is a well-built home.

A great-looking book can be achieved with little effort if you plan the layout based on sound design principles. In terms of structure and design, the type of book you’re working on will have a significant impact on your decision-making process.

There are both eBooks and paperbacks. Is it primarily text-based, or does it include images and illustrations?

What is the demographic you’re trying to reach? For example, it is common for a children’s book author to include images and pictures in their book’s layout.  

Your book’s layout may vary from page to page because each page is unique. On the other hand, if your goal is to write an adult suspense novel, your book will rely heavily on the text unless you have additional visuals. Therefore, you’ll need to carefully consider the layout of your novel’s text to ensure that everything is visually appealing.

Book Trailer

Book trailers can be an incredibly effective way of drawing in potential readers.

The Content Experts PH can also provide any number of book trailers for your book that you can then post on your social media accounts. They’re cost-effective, engaging, and potential readers interested in your work won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

We are incredibly passionate about books and reading, and we have been organizing events related to independent publishing and writing since 2017. In addition, we bring many years of design experience to the table, and we are ready for the most voluminous book design projects you have – email us!

The Content Experts PH is your one-stop destination for all book design, layout, and digital publishing needs. Whether you’re writing poetry, fiction, self-help, or any other book in between, we feel for you as an author and would like to help. Email us today for more information.