Landing Page Writing Services

The Content Experts PH specializes in writing landing pages and location pages for local SEO. Our SEO copywriting services are also second to none, with 15+ years of professional experience under our belt. You can boost your local SEO efforts today with better service area copy and location pages, WordPress design, SEO-friendly content, and more.  Contact us today for a free consult and quote.

Do You Need Landing Page Writing Services?

Landing pages are at the heart of marketing funnels on the internet. These particular pages respond to a mixture of customer intents. The ratio depends on what the business is trying to sell and how much it costs to get the product or service.

You’ve probably seen countless landing pages in your many years of surfing the internet.

You didn’t know they were called landing pages – but you interacted with these pages. You read the textual content on these pages, watched videos and animations, admired infographics, and maybe signed up for updates, a free download, etc.

Landing pages also sell a variety of products and services. So it doesn’t matter if the offer is worth $10 or $999.

Landing pages can accommodate all the information necessary to make the landing page work and sell what the business wants to offer to the public.

While anyone can attempt to write landing pages, it’s essential to realize that landing pages require specialized writing (we call it copywriting).

Professional copywriting ensures better results for the business owner.

The Content Experts PH offers landing page writing services with a specific focus on local SEO and generating more traffic and impressions. If your current landing pages are struggling to surface, it’s possible that they need to be changed and enriched. Randomly updating pages will not cut it.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Google has become much more intelligent and nuanced in the past few years. In addition, machine learning and artificial intelligence have wiped flawed pages and thin content off the internet.

The battle for SERPs has just begun with the BERT Update and other previous updates since the late 2010s. As a result, we are navigating a much more complex search landscape than in the early 2000s.

A landing page collects information from visitors in exchange for a resource, such as an eBook.

eBooks have always been effective in getting people to sign up – we have twenty-plus years of data proving this. Visitors enter details such as their name and email address and work the title into a lead-capture form, which collects their contact information.

What would you do if you could do just one thing to boost your marketing ROI drastically?

At The Content Experts PH, we would have to agree with you if you said, “use landing pages to convert new leads.”

There are so many reasons why this is the expert perspective for small and medium businesses aiming for better digital marketing.

How Do Landing Pages Work?

Almost one out of every ten visitors to a landing page will become potential buyers or leads. If you’re new to converting web traffic, that number might not sound spectacular, but if 10,000 people view your landing page, there’s reason to assume that 1,000 of them will become leads. For most small-to-medium-sized enterprises, that’s a lot of leads.

Imagine the possibilities!

Landing page marketing is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy, and there are many ways to do it: social media, content marketing, paid ads, etc. But unfortunately, the people you’re targeting won’t convert themselves into potential customers with every digital campaign you conduct, regardless of whatever channel you use.

To accomplish so, you’ll need a high-quality landing page designed to convert visitors. If your website doesn’t have at least a few landing pages, you’re missing out on the potential to convert these visitors into paying clients later.

A landing page’s purpose is to convert visitors into leads who can then be nurtured with more specialized marketing campaigns via email, direct mail, paid advertisements, or other forms of targeted marketing before they reach your sales team to make a purchase.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Landing Page Writing Services?

Building a landing page for each content offer and marketing campaign offers numerous advantages. Seven specific aspects make landing pages a premium channel for businesses of all sizes.

1. Landing Pages Can Boost Your Conversions

When it comes to offering value upfront, having a targeted landing page that links to an offer or following action are the best to offer your customers.

Landing pages also naturally entice new users to provide vital information for a quick and concrete reward.

Let’s imagine you’ve arrived at a company’s website and are greeted with a pop-up form asking for your name and email address. Isn’t that startling before you even know what the firm is about?

Now consider this second situation: you land a new website. The business immediately offers a free booklet on social media that details ten immediate solutions to a problem you have been having for months. We are willing to bet that you are more likely to share your name and email address in exchange for this helpful information.

Many businesses direct visitors from advertisements, emails, and social media to their sites. Unfortunately, these are all meaningful opportunities that may have been squandered without the right landing pages.

The moment you begin seeing a steady stream of targeted traffic coming to your website, implementing focused landing pages can convert all that raw traffic into leads and sales. Businesses thrive not just on traffic. They need to sell! And selling is what landing pages can do for your business. These pages just must be appropriately designed with the correct copy.

2. Landing Pages Provide More Information About Your Customers

You can track which themes convert the best by establishing many landing pages with segmented offers. You may use the information from your landing pages to develop a more focused and personalized marketing approach.

Furthermore, landing pages reveal the material your audience prefers and which channels they favor. This allows your marketing team to fine-tune the plan by boosting content and connecting with your audience on the channels they already use.

Let’s say you discover your eCommerce landing pages are performing extraordinarily well, and most of those users are coming from sponsored ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. This information can help you focus future campaigns on your social media following. You’d also have a foundation for introducing more eCommerce content into your overall marketing approach.

3. Landing Pages Can Help You Expand Your Email List

You’ll typically ask users for their email and name in exchange for the content on your landing page. This can assist you in rapidly growing your email subscriber list and segmenting that list to send more personalized follow-up emails.

People who have filled out a form in return for content or information about your product or service have expressed interest. This ensures that your subscriber list is full of high-potential leads.

Consider sending them a “Thank you” email with more resources relating to the material they’ve expressed interest in after downloading your landing page offer.

4. Landing Pages Can Be Measured, Changed, And Upgraded

A landing page allows business owners to become more creative and experimental with different designs to see which visuals and copy work best with your target demographic. Furthermore, testing a new landing page is frequently less risky than making significant design changes to your entire blog or website architecture.

You can easily set up and test to evaluate which copy, design, images, and page elements offer a higher conversion rate if you’re utilizing a content management system with an integrated A/B testing tool. As a result, you’ll be able to swiftly discover new strategies to generate more leads and contacts for your business.

5. Landing Pages Enable You to Track Metrics That Matter the Most

If you’ve built one to sell your new product or service, you can utilize a specific landing page to measure metrics directly connected to your business goals.

You might track conversion analytics on that landing page to see how well your campaign is doing.

You can also track which sites generate the most traffic to your landing page and devote extra resources to promote your email tool on those sites — specifically social media applications.

6. Landing Pages Provide New and Old Offers More Context

One of the essential advantages of a landing page is providing context to your marketing offer. By promoting form fills in different methods, such as through a chatbot, marketers feel motivated to skip the landing page and jump to the transaction. However, this method precludes the possibility of adding further context to what you’re selling

7. Landing Pages Serve to Build Brand Awareness And Provide A Positive First Impression

Finally, by displaying the excellent material your firm can give, a sleek, well-designed landing page can impress new visitors and convert them into leads. A landing page is where you may tell your visitors about what you’re offering and how it can benefit them.

A well-designed landing page may help build brand awareness and nurture leads for future purchases even if a visitor does not convert right away. This proves that a landing page doesn’t have to be dull. It shouldn’t be. Take the time to build an engaging, dynamic, and unique landing page that effectively communicates your brand’s value.

Do you need better landing page writing services? Are your landing pages underdelivering? Contact us today, and we’ll take care of any ailing landing pages ASAP!