Outsource Content Writing to the Philippines: Content Outsourcing for Professionals and Small Businesses

It’s no secret that the Philippines is one of the best places to outsource website content, copywriting, video production, social media content, marketing collaterals, etc.

The Philippines has one of the highest concentrations of professionals who can easily handle outsourced content writing, content production, content strategy, book marketing, content SEO, and other vital cogs of digital marketing and content marketing machines. Therefore, working with Filipinos should not be a problem for anyone.

99% of our clients here at The Content Experts PH are from the United States. So, if you are interested in hiring a ghostwriter, outsourcing website writing, and other content-related needs to the Philippines, email us for a quote today.

In 2022, The Content Experts PH brings 15 years of experience in digital marketing, content marketing, strategy, creative content, and more. The Content Experts PH is your one-stop-shop for all things content for your business in the age of AI/ML, search marketing, viral videos, memes, long-form content, etc.

We are a vibrant, knowledgeable, and hardworking team of content and digital marketing professionals with a dynamic and expert skillset. We help SMBs, agencies, companies, professionals, and everyone else.

Other digital marketing agencies can also outsource their content needs to us – we’re more than just professionals – we are the Dream Team. So contact us today, and we’ll surprise you.

How Do You Know If You Need to Outsource Content Writing and Other Business Processes?

outsource content writing to the Philippines

Outsourcing involves engaging a third party to execute services or generate commodities that a business would otherwise conduct in-house.

Outsourcing is mainly a cost-cutting strategy.

Outsourcing content writing and other digital marketing need to the Philippines have the potential to enhance your daily operations and improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns.

You Don’t Have Time to Create Content

Time is the most significant factor.

Lack of time affects the capacity of professionals and small businesses who wish to engage in effective content marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. Blogging, social media content, SEO copywriting, SEO content writing, and other content generation activities can consume hundreds of human resources weekly.

Content writing is serious business. It is a distinct and multi-step process that does not end with keyword research. There are plenty of other steps behind the scenes to create the perfect blog, YouTube script, or any other piece of content.

Unless your business has already reached its peak potential and you have so much free time every day, you are likely struggling to find enough time to write content regularly. And it’s not enough to publish a blog every few months. If your goal is growth, then it’s crucial that you create the kind of content that solves problems, informs customers, and supports brand growth.

You’re Struggling to Be Remembered and Creating Memorable Content

outsource content writing to the Philippines

As one of the biggest channels for digital marketing, content marketing also happens to be one of the more demanding ways to gain more customers without advertising.

Content marketing requires regular market research, competitor research, brainstorming sessions, etc. Quality content does not write itself. The only natural way to create a good impression on your customers is to hire a specialized team to handle the content production.

Here’s another not-so-secret aspect of content marketing: eventually, you’ll need an SEO professional (at the very least) for your content efforts to work.

While a writer can be so good at what he does that people naturally want to share his content, the truth is that for most businesses, the only hope they have for organic traffic is surfacing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

Yet, behind all those complex analytics is a fundamental truth about content on the internet: for people to find your business, again and again, your content needs to be helpful, enjoyable, and memorable.

And there’s the psychology of content and recall, too. It’s called the recency effect.

The recency effect means we remember information best when we received it last. For example, if you’re trying to memorize a list of items, the recency effect means you’re more likely to remember the items from the list you studied most recently. This is part of the serial position effect, a phenomenon in which the order of things on a list affects how well they are remembered.

During memory trials, psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus identified the recency effect for the first time. He noticed that the item’s location influenced the ability to recall items on a list accurately.

There is the primary effect to consider, too.

The recency effect states that items learned at the end of a list are remembered the best, although the initial few items are remembered better than those learned in the middle (the primacy effect).

When you try to learn something new, you’ve probably noticed this impact before. Imagine that you’re instantly given a test to assess how much you’ve retained after you’ve learned the information. Which facts do you believe you will remember the most?

There’s a good chance you’ll remember what you learned last or most recently. You’re also likely to remember the first few things you learned. However, you’re more likely to struggle with that material in the middle of your learning session.

The recency effect can provide some insight into how memory works. By better understanding how and why this impact occurs, you might identify solutions to improve your memory.

Short term memory and recency

Short-term memory is required for the recency effect to work.

The ability to maintain a relatively small amount of memory in the mind for a short time is called active or primary memory. This data is stored and kept active for future use, but it is not altered. For example, short-term memory is demonstrated by storing a phone number someone just repeated to you for long enough to dial it.

Both the duration and capacity of short-term memory are naturally restricted. Without regular maintenance or repetition, most knowledge in short-term memory only lasts 15 to 30 seconds. For a limited amount of time, around four pieces of knowledge can be stored in short-term memory.

What makes the entire argument of primary and recency more interesting for businesses relying on inbound marketing is that businesses who want to always be on people’s minds need to be primal and recent all the time.

In short, you always must be in front of people. It would help if you were second to the last (at least), or the last, regarding what people have encountered or read on the internet because of the recency and primal effects.

Content marketing works because it puts competitive businesses in front of people for hundreds, if not thousands, of essential search terms. For example, if you have a wedding photography business in New York, people need to see your website a couple of times before deciding. But if your business isn’t visible, and no pages or blogs are appearing for relevant searches, your competitors will do that for you.

Ultimately, the decision is yours – do you bow to the pressure, or will you start taking your content marketing efforts more seriously? If your answer is the latter, we’re always ready to deploy – your content marketing team.

You Need Help with Developing Content

outsource content writing to the Philippines

Business owners and professionals naturally possess an authentic voice, making them natural thought leaders and authoritative figures in their markets. The problem, however, is without a continuous stream of helpful content, that voice loses its power. You must reproduce that powerful voice through content. The voice is important – now, you must apply it to quality content.

We’ve discussed previously that you need to keep appearing for the right keywords and searches on the internet. However, millions of pages are published daily, and a fraction of that goes to your market. You probably aren’t alone in your market. You have competitors. Some of your competitors may have already published great content before your website’s launch. That’s probably what you saw, and your competitor’s content prompted you to begin planning content for your website. However, after researching how content works, developing it, and optimizing it, you realize that writing the content is the last step.

There is so much more to it than you previously thought. You can create snippets and a couple of pages about significant ideas or themes, but eventually, you run out of topics, and you’re stumped. So how do your competitors do it? Why do they have so many blogs? How do they do it all while simultaneously working on their business?

And the answer is they’ve outsourced their content writing to individuals or teams.  

Because honestly speaking, if there are four staff in an office and none of them are professional writers, how would these businesses create the content they need consistently? They won’t be able to do it. They need help. And at that point, outsourcing becomes a massive help to businesses. Outsourcing content writing to us in the Philippines will allow you to scale your content marketing efforts in weeks.

Why is it so easy to outsource content writing to the Philippines?

In a previous article on hiring a content agency in the Philippines, we talked about several significant factors that made it plausible for US businesses to hire professional copywriters and content writers from our country. We mentioned these factors:

  1. It has vastly improved IT infrastructure that makes the highest productivity possible.
  2. English language proficiency.
  3. Attitude and professional work ethics.

Combine these factors, and you have a massive opportunity to hire without worries. Moreover, if you had successfully worked with a Filipino freelancer before and loved it, you will have a great time working with a professional agency or team. That’s just how it works.

Do you need to outsource content writing, copywriting, landing page creation, and other content-related tasks? The Content Experts PH is always ready to help. Click here to email us and we’ll provide a quote and a free consult, too!

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