Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines: Updated for 2022

Are you thinking of outsourcing content creation to the Philippines? The Content Experts PH has 15+ years of experience in content marketing, digital marketing, and allied services for enterprises, professionals, and SMBs. Our client base spans Canada, the US, the United Kingdom, Hongkong, etc. Please email us for a quote today!  

You Heard That Right About Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines!

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

You may have heard of many good things about the country and its professionals. So it’s only natural for business owners to want the best professionals for the job while getting all the benefits of outsourcing vital business processes.

The truth is that the Philippines remains a top destination for outsourcing various business processes, including outsourced content writing, content strategy, SEO content services, and just every other aspect of content marketing.

The main benefit of outsourcing to the Philippines is savings. Lower costs mean you get more done with your SEO or content budget monthly.

While Philippine copywriters and content writers do not demand top dollar for their services, the best ones require mid-market prices that are fully justified by the quality of work and the attention to detail they give to the tasks.

Be careful of so-called content writing companies that charge cents for their work. You can be sure that you won’t get any quality from these companies because writing is hard work.

Innovative Outsourcing Translates to Better Results

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

Furthermore, hiring a Filipino content writing agency is like having a native, in-house team working for you. They’re not going to treat you like a stranger. Filipino professionals are known for giving everything they got to the best clients and employers. So, if you are one such client or business owner, we think you wouldn’t have to worry about anything when you outsource content creation to the Philippines.

Outsourcing has brought riches to countless enterprises since the 1980s. However, by a historical connection with the United States, the Philippines remains a vital partner in handling daily critical business processes.

The wonderful thing about outsourcing is that you don’t have to be a million-dollar operation to reap the benefits of outsourcing content writing to the Philippines. Even a regular professional with a market budget can ask us, for example, about a small business digital marketing package, and we’d be glad to craft a custom package when needed.

Advantages of Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

You Can Devote More Hours to Your Business

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

A major reason for outsourcing content creation to the Philippines is that you do not have the time. However, regular blog post research, writing, and publication may be a full-time job in and of itself.

Before you even think about doing content marketing and social media work on your lonesome, know that creating and publishing content is a full-time job. Unless you’re willing to work over sixty hours a week (or more!), you shouldn’t even attempt to create competitive content for your website. We’re not minimizing your ability to write. In fact, from our personal experience, many business owners would do well as writers themselves.

However, they are not copywriters or content writers – they are busy entrepreneurs who barely have time to breathe with their current schedule. Therefore, adding another ton of writing responsibilities will not do.

People have a finite number of hours in a day, so you must focus on your most important tasks to get the most out of them. If you’re a marketer, this could mean focusing on strategy, or if you’re a business owner, it could mean dealing with other critical chores.

The primary notion is that business owners can outsource content development or writing while still having complete control over the process.

hile it may appear that producing content yourself is a more convenient or cost-effective choice, this is rarely the best business plan. Instead, keep your focus on your business. Delegate writing to the pros and thrive no matter how competitive things get!

Your Business Will Now Regularly Create High-Quality Content

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

Even if you work full-time on writing business content, there will always be a ceiling or limit to how much anyone can produce in seven days or a month. Creating high-quality content takes time. Sure, you can likely fit a 500-word article into your daily schedule if you write it on the spur of the moment. But how many times can you do this in a month? In two months? A year?

This form of content, on the other hand, is unlikely to have an influence on your audience or generate any revenue for you as part of your content marketing strategy.

Only shallow content is now being penalized by Google.

Quality stuff requires time to research, produce, and distribute. If you want to publish well-researched and extensive blog content, even a full-time writer may not be able to generate more than one post per week. 60% of businesses and organizations find it challenging to publish content on a regular basis.

More authors will be required to publish work on a more regular basis without losing quality. Because you can subcontract as much material as you require or your budget allows, outsourcing may help you scale up.Google does not rank material to make your life more difficult, even though it may appear that way. Instead, they rank content to deliver the most relevant answers or solutions to their users’ questions. So it’s significant to their users. Thus it’s significant to them.

Therefore, Google has created a set of search quality criteria to assist people in producing high-quality, relevant information that will benefit its users.

The method of making pages appear on SERPs is known as indexing. If you don’t let Google index your page, it won’t show up in their search results.When your material is indexed correctly, you will automatically receive more traffic, and any new content you publish will be discovered much more rapidly.

How can you ensure your material provides the best solution to readers and customers?

  • Make sure your content is authoritative, trustworthy, and filled with knowledge.
  • Make use of references from reputable and well-known websites.
  • Connect your material to reputable and credible websites.
  • Make sure your information has been thoroughly studied.

Hiring A Full-Time Writer Is More Expensive Than Outsourcing Your Content Development

You have more time to concentrate on strategy, creativity, marketing, and experimentation when you outsource content development. It also results in a higher content marketing return on investment!

Outsourcing content creation might be a very cost-effective option. A full-time writer will cost your company tens of thousands of dollars each year if you hire one.

In the United States, a full-time content writer earns roughly $65,000. If this writer is an on-site employee, you must also include IT and other equipment expenditures, training, and other costs that come with having an extra person. When you outsource, you’re just paying for your requested content. You will not be responsible for supplying medical insurance or repairing your writer’s laptop if it breaks.

Outsourced content is authored by freelancers or agencies who consider these costs into their overall charges, making it a much more inexpensive alternative for most businesses. There is simply no comparison between outsourced content and the cost of content written by a full-time, in-house employee.

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines Allows You to Be More Flexible

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

There are various advantages to having a full-time copywriter on your marketing division. Having another pricey, full-time employee, on the other hand, means you’ll be stuck with this writer in the long haul, unable to adapt to your changing needs and content guidelines.

Outsourcing content writing to the Philippines allows you to recruit more workers. It is a far more flexible option. If you believe the quality of a certain writer has fallen or if you want to try a different tone or writing approach, you can outsource to a new writer (or team of writers).

Because your industry is likely to have seasonal fluctuations, there will be times of the year when investing in content isn’t a good idea and times when you want to go all out and create as much as possible.Outsourcing guest posts, social media content, blog writing, and SEO-friendly content allows you to scale back when necessary while also ramping up your production seamlessly and efficiently as the business grows. And we’re not just talking about large enterprises here! Small businesses will also benefit from outsourcing their digital marketing needs.

You Can Profit from Having Multiple Perspectives and Approaches to Content Creation

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

You most likely have your own stories to share and want to express yourself in your work, and nothing is stopping you from doing so.

However, introducing new talent and ideas with writers who can articulate things in ways you may not have thought can be valuable to your overall content marketing approach.

Professional copywriters and freelance content writers who have been around for years have already worked with a ton of clients.

They will naturally bring their collective knowledge and experience to the table. They’re also on top of the new content marketing trends, or they may be able to foresee trends in your industry, and they can assist you come up with new content ideas if you’re stuck. When you’re writing about a subject day in and day out, it’s easy to lose interest in it, which will show in your writing. Using a pool of other writers ensures that this flame never fades and that you have a steady supply of new ideas and inspiration.

You’ll Be Able to Create And Publish Content Faster And More Efficiently With The Help Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

One of the best advantages content outsourcings is how quick and efficient it is when compared to doing everything yourself.

Content marketing businesses that are on top of their game will have a team of qualified content producers on ready to meet even the tightest deadlines.

Assume there’s anything timely and topical in your industry about which you’d like to comment.

Rather than struggling to put together something internally while managing other critical business activities, you can outsource the job and get it back in a few hours.

Because freelance writers are paid per word or per piece, working quickly and efficiently is in their best interests. A full-time compensated writer, on the other hand, has no real incentive to enhance productivity because they will be paid the same regardless of how much content they produce.

You Can Employ Industry Experts on A Variety of Subjects

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

You can’t be an expert all the time. Even if you are an expert in some things about your business, it doesn’t mean that you can match the bandwidth and skills of professional content writers.

Unless your content strategy entails writing about a very restricted range of topics, outsourcing to other people with specific expertise will almost surely benefit you.

Most content marketing businesses employ several content producers with varying experience and specialties, allowing you to choose someone knowledgeable about the subject you require.

Imagine your company sells toys, and you want to publish a blog article about how important play is for children’s development.

You could ask for a writer who has a psychology degree or has worked in the field of child education. This means you’ll be able to delve deeper into the issue and give more accurate information than if you were writing just based on facts gleaned through a web search.

Your Content Will Reach a Wider Audience

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

When you hire expert writers to generate your material, they can promote it on their blogs and social media networks. This means you’ll be able to reach a whole new audience who would otherwise be unaware of your business.

You might be able to have a client feature or interview on the corporate blog if you outsource content to a professional marketing firm. In addition, they may be able to post content on their social networks.

Freelance SEO copywriters can help you get your material in front of more eyeballs, even if you’re hiring on a ghostwriting basis and producing content under your name. In addition, they can look for additional blogs to guest post on and come up with fresh strategies to promote your material in general.

You Can Now Experiment with Different Content Formats

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

When we think about content marketing, we automatically think of blogs. But, of course, there’s a lot more to it than that, and you can outsource everything from social media postings to e-books to emails to even films.

Because others utilize them and link back to your site, infographics can be an efficient approach to increasing your SEO. But don’t you have the necessary graphic design skills? Outsourcing to a professional is simple and inexpensive.

Do you want to write and self-publish an eBook but are intimidated by the prospect of putting one together?

Hiring professional eBook writing services will allow you to collect thoughts and produce work with finality, minus the pain, and in a short amount of time, too!

More than 80% of marketers claim the video is the most difficult to create when it comes to content development. Despite the constant uphill battle in creating compelling video content, this content format offers a lot of promise and can deliver excellent outcomes for all types of businesses. Short videos are one of the most popular forms of social media content, and they’re great for increasing engagement and conversions. SMBs should consider small business video marketing early in the year to reap the rewards later.

Video content marketing may appear to be a daunting process, but it is simple to outsource and the rewards are endless.

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines Provides Positive ROI

Outsourcing Content Creation to the Philippines

Not sure if your outsourced content delivers enough value to justify your investment? This is simple to track and quantify. In most circumstances, outsourcing content creation will increase your return on investment. You can measure a variety of things, including:

  • The number of times a piece of content has been viewed and converted.
  • Your number of social media followers.
  • Following the adoption of your content marketing strategy, you should see an increase in sales or business revenue.

If you hire a Philippine content marketing agency, they’ll help you create material to help you achieve your business objectives. If you consistently produce high-quality, optimized, and targeted content, you’ll see increased leads, conversions, and engagement.

The Truth is in the Writing

There are so many advantages to outsourcing content creation to the Philippines to ignore this incredibly generous approach to doing content marketing. First, not everyone has the time or money to write and produce their content in-house.

While content outsourcing has some drawbacks, just like any other business undertaking, the benefits far exceed the drawbacks.

Working with a Philippine content writing agency or Filipino copywriting professionals (like us!) can help you create higher-quality material, save time and money, and create a better position to meet your business objectives. So email us today for a quote!

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