Thinking of Content Generation Philippines?

Not many know it, but countless global businesses now rely on content generation Philippines. Depending on content generation Philippines can mean a couple of essential things for your business:

1. Your content generation efforts will become consistent.

2. You can start generating more organic traffic.

3. You can keep costs down while maintaining content quality.

Content generation Philippines is a wonderfully practical and cost-effective option to build your digital presence.

Ask companies that have already outsourced content to the Philippines, either through freelancers or agencies-they’re still outsourcing and reaping the benefits of working with skilled content writing professionals in the country.

The Content Experts PH is an agile agency specializing in content generation Philippines.

Our skilled team provides an expert array of content SEO services, including blogging, landing page writing services, service area and location page writing services, SEO-friendly content, and so much more.

We are a comprehensive content solutions provider in the Philippines. Email us today for a quote!

The Benefits of Better Content Generation Philippines

Content generation Philippines doesn’t just translate to more traffic; better content means you can engage your public and build credibility for your brand. SEO content writing is also the foundation of on-page optimization, regardless of the type of website that you have.

Outsourcing content generation to writers in the Philippines also gives you access to a talented labor pool of college/university graduates from various disciplines. You can read more about how the Philippines is an ideal place to outsource content generation needs here. In addition, working with a content outsourcing firm in the Philippines is a smart way to scale your content marketing efforts without breaking the bank.  

The main benefits of working with The Content Experts PH are:

1. You’ll have an experienced and dedicated team of digital marketing professionals adept in multiple disciplines, including SEO content writing, social media content, and even book marketing. With 15+ years of experience in the Philippine content generation industry, we bring only the best content strategies and writing directly to your business.

2. High proficiency in verbal and written English. You need not just writing expertise but professional handling of the English language for English-speaking audiences.

3. An incredible drive for success.

Filipino content writers are passionate about their work and will stop at nothing, especially for high-pressure projects that need delivery quickly. While we keep quality at the forefront of our concerns, we’re not afraid to work overtime to get the content out to our clients who need it within a specific timeframe.

4. A deep understanding of the industry and clients’ common issues when working with other freelancing services.

It’s common knowledge that people eventually find Filipino content generation professionals/firms after trying to outsource to other countries.

While we do not discourage anyone from trying other nations offering the same services, we’d like you to know right now that we’re usually the ones who repair the damage of irresponsible freelancers who do nothing but shortcuts, resulting in lousy content that you cannot possibly use on your website if you want to prosper.

A case in point would be a previous client who ordered hundreds of articles from a team of writers from another country.

The client didn’t know what to do with the content, so he sent some samples so we could see what the other party did. After looking at the content, we knew that the client was given non-research articles – basically gibberish – and there wasn’t a shred of genuine information in the articles.

Sweatshop writers wrote the articles in some offshore company that probably paid their writers a dollar per hour or something. The strain and stress were reflected in the content; eventually, the client decided to discard the content and order from us instead.

There was nothing we could do for the articles, as the revisions would cost more than the cost of the articles when they were purchased online en mass.

This substantial cautionary tale applies to everyone who wants to buy super cheap online content from sweatshop companies. If you pay a miraculously low rate for each piece of content, you’re buying gibberish. There are no exceptions to this rule. So you have been fairly warned of this side of the global content generation industry.

5. Reasonable pricing for the quality of work you will get. As with any other country, market, and industry, you get what you pay for when you outsource content generation to the Philippines.

The Content Experts PH offers lower rates than our US counterparts, but we do not offer the lowest rates in the global industry.

To do so would be incredibly harmful to our writers and the businesses who come to us expecting excellent content. Like any other work, content writing projects require the expenditure of resources (especially time) to work well.

Otherwise, the output will suffer, and we’re sure you’re tired of receiving poorly-written content. The best content is written by happy writers who are paid adequately for their efforts, even if their rates are not as high as those demanded in the First World.

Don’t hand over your marketing budget to inexperienced freelancers who only pop up for the pay. Instead, if you’re ready to spend on content marketing efforts, partner with a content writing agency in the Philippines with over a decade of experience ranking content for organic traffic. Email us today or use our special form to begin!

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