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The Content Experts PH offers professional content writing services Philippines, backed by 15+ years of experience in the industry. We work with SEO agencies, SMBs, and professionals across different markets, globally. We work closely with clients from North America, Canada, the UK, Hongkong, etc.

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There are so many reasons why it’s practical to outsource content creation. Working with a Philippine content writing agency can solve many problems created by not having an in-house content writing or copywriting team. In addition, hiring a content agency from the Philippines can help your business grow at a fraction of the cost of inshore agencies, with the added benefit of encountering SEO content professionals, too.

Consider the yearly cost of hiring a native copywriter or content writer from the US: writers can ask for as much as $60,000 per year – and that’s just one employee. Now imagine using that amount to harness an entire team of writers and creatives for months at a time. That’s the power of content outsourcing to the Philippines. There’s a reason why outsourcing became popular in the 1980s, and its practicality has never waned since.

The Content Experts PH also works with agencies interested in white labeling services such as SEO copywriting, WordPress design services, graphic design services, social media content generation, eBook writing, and other digital marketing services. White labeling is a global digital marketing trend that is practical and sustainable for those involved.

If you’re interested in white labeling, email us today to get started.

Why Partner with Us for Content Writing Services Philippines?

content writing services Philippines

One channel covers your eventual needs for distributing and promoting your material: organic search.

That is not an exaggeration. Organic search traffic is an essential KPI for content marketing.

You’re developing content so people (not just your potential customers) can discover your solutions to their issues, queries, or curiosities.

Consider your business’ content marketing objectives. A decade ago, at least 50% of B2B content marketing professionals identified the following as their main organizational goals:

– Thought leadership

– Engagement

– Increased web traffic

– Customer loyalty and retention

– Lead generation

– Customer acquisition

– Brand recognition

Even if the response options for the research are not spelled precisely in 2022, little has changed. In 2022, over 50% of marketers agree that the following are central to all their efforts:

– Generating leads and demand

– Fostering brand loyalty

– Educating audiences

– Establish trust and credibility online and in the real world

– Growing brand recognition

There is only one clear way to increase organic traffic: generating more content.

Content writing services Philippines is your business’ way out of the dark. We know that your competitors are likely already generating substantial amounts of content monthly with their outsourced content creation services. Will your neighboring competitors leave out your business? We hope not.

Content and Organic Search Generate the Most Website Visitors

content writing services Philippines

Where do you put your most acceptable content? That is correct—your website.

And which channel, source, or platform – whatever you like to refer to– drives the most traffic to your website?

Almost certainly, it is search.

A staggering 53% of all trackable website traffic comes from organic search, according to statistics in 2019. This is two percent more than observed two years prior in 2017. We can also expect a steady increase in search relevancy in the coming years. Content writing services Philippines can also help you scale content production for years to come.

Content Writing Helps Increase Other KPIs

content writing services Philippines

The primary categories for search queries are informative, navigational, and transactional. In addition, each query’s keywords can be further categorized as branded or unbranded.

But if you create content to target each keyword type, you can guide your consumers through each stage of their buyer journey until they complete a purchase. Or, as I like, you can reach, engage, and convert consumers you would not have otherwise encountered.

Along the process, you develop brand recognition, memory, and trust.

  • Does your material appeal to visitors at various phases of the buyer’s journey?
  • How is your brand emphasized throughout your content?

Great Content Solidifies Your Authority and Top Rank on Google

content writing services Philippines

Search engines are the most acceptable medium for establishing thought leadership. When you generate relevant content using a hub-and-spoke strategy, your pages begin to appear in search results about that topic.

As consumers identify your content more and more with their issues, it increases not just brand awareness but also brand credibility. In search results, it can also help Google recognize your material as a highlighted snippet, answer box, or knowledge panel. And this might result in more visibility for your material. Use it to attract more clicks to the topic-specific material you’ve developed.

  • How can you generate content that answers your audience’s issues, problems, and questions?
  • How can you maximize Google’s highlighted snippets to boost your brand exposure?

Content Writing Services Philippines Helps You Engagement Opportunities

content writing services Philippines

Site visitors may discover a piece of your material via a search engine. You can take additional measures to retain them. Determine the different forms of interaction with your content. Take steps to boost engagement and encourage site visitors to explore other related material.

Think of how you can use the SERP function that shows other similar searches to determine what else this audience may be searching for with the issue.

  • How can you attract organic search visitors to bookmark your website and share them on social media?
  • How can you better use content writing services Philippines to create better content?
  • How can you encourage site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or download a free report?
  • Do you have a compelling call-to-action and internal linking strategy that encourages organic visitors to explore other pages?

Organic search has been the most compelling reason to engage in content marketing. However, you can only engage in content marketing if you have content, and content writing services Philippines is the most practical way to do it.

Investing in more content now will help you reach and engage customers and consumers that we would never have reached without content marketing.

Content Writing Services Philippines Helps Qualify Prospects

Content Writing Services Philippines

We are familiar with the three categories of search terms: informative, navigational, and transactional. They explain the searcher’s aim. In lead generation and sales, the intent is among the most valuable characteristics. All customer journeys begin, progress, and conclude with intent, regardless of whether a prospect seeks information, compares brands, or assesses a product.

It is straightforward to go into your organic traffic metrics and match keywords to intent. Done correctly, you obtain a precise notion of where the visitor is in the buyer’s journey.

Based on search queries (and the nature of the questions), it is feasible to qualify organic search visitors as marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) or sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and target them with relevant content. For example, it may be a blog post or e-book at the top of the sales funnel. In the center of the funnel, a webinar or case study may be utilized. A landing page or demo video would be at the bottom of the funnel.

Even though this search impact pertains to the quality of leads, let us not overlook what salespeople ultimately desire: quantity. Likewise, organic traffic does not disappoint here. According to a HubSpot research, SEO generates more new leads than social media, email marketing, sponsored search, and other marketing methods.

  • Does your keyword research assist us in understanding the purpose of visitors at various phases of the buyer’s journey?
  • How can you determine which organic visitors qualify as leads, and how do we nurture and convert them?

Organic search traffic converts more effectively and generates sales

The HubSpot analysis also revealed that search was the third most common strategy for generating leads. Blogging, which is frequently related to search, ranked second. First place went to landing pages, calls to action, etc.

Combining SEO, blog articles, and landing page text with attractive CTAs increases sales by 47 percent. With the addition of lead intelligence, this becomes an unstoppable sales machine. One approach is using attractive conversion points with the promise of additional valuable material in your blog entries.

Great Content Improves Customer Retention

Content Writing Services Philippines

Google provides searchers with tailored results depending on the phrases they enter and the URLs they click.

While location and device play a significant role in personalization, the type of past searches is also essential. Search engines emphasize first impressions, branding, and digital alignment with actual consumer journeys and experiences. This artificial intelligence reaction mirrors natural search behavior. If a user has a positive experience on your website, they are more likely to click or even seek out your brand in search results, even if it appears below other listings.

This implies that consumers who clicked through to one or more of your sites from Google (or any other search engine) will likely see more of your URLs in their SERP for keywords connected to similar themes.

This is a cycle of virtue. Organic search continually drives customers and brand advocates to your website. They continue to consume your stuff. Each time they do so, there is a chance to give them more of what they desire.

  • Do you have sufficient material to allow your customers or clients to utilize all your offerings fully?
  • Do you take care in providing authoritative and valuable material that prompts consumers to consider our brand whenever they consider our industry?

Organic Search Is the Most Cost-Effective Method of Information Distribution

Content Writing Services Philippines

Let’s be clear: organic search is not actually “free.” However, comparing the ROI of organic search to paid or any other marketing channel is extremely difficult.

The fundamental reason is that it is difficult to trace “spend” to SEO, unlike PPC and email marketing. The expenses of developing content, optimizing it for search engines, and promoting it through off-page inbound strategies overlap.

However, if you have an approximation of your SEO spending, you can assess the brand’s reach and ROI and compare it to the ROI of other digital channels. Then, establish conversion monitoring and objectives to measure the ROI of your continuing SEO and content marketing activities.

  • What’s your monthly SEO and content marketing budget?
  • Do you have a precise attribution approach to understand which channels provide ROI for your content?

Organic Search Drives the Content Marketing Flywheel

Content Writing Services Philippines

Google wants to view your content’s structure and information. They want the material to be prepared according to the devices and techniques used by your audience. Additionally, organized data in the form of lists and tables might be helpful to searchers (and thus, Google.)

In addition, give searchers with rapid responses that will entice them to visit your website. Then, retain them with excellent content and calls to action, resulting in more virtuous cycles.

You will have a greater chance of dominating search results for branded phrases related to your sector if you have more content in various forms and on several platforms.

Your blog entries, landing sites, slide decks, social media updates, graphics, videos, slide decks, and podcasts may rank for a particular set of keywords.

Organic traffic provides you a competitive edge and generates a digital flywheel on Google: well-optimized content leads to more search exposure, more clicks raise your site authority, and site authority improves your content’s ranking chances.

  • How can you repurpose and redistribute your best content?
  • What additional platforms, magazines, and media do you post material on besides your website?

Organic Content Marketing Will Endure

Content Writing Services Philippines

No, SEO is not extinct. However, it has an ever-changing appearance. The commercial benefits that organic traffic delivers to your digital content marketing campaign do not alter. You are responsible for optimizing your content to take advantage of Google’s ever-changing SERP features, increasing your reach, conversions, and sales.

The Content Experts PH is all about collaboration and results. So if you want the full benefits of content writing services Philippines, email us today! Alternatively, you can also fill up the form below to get started.

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