Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For This 2022

Digital marketing is ever-evolving, but in 2022, we can expect some significant shifts. When it comes to digital marketing, businesses and brands must anticipate the future and be ready to take advantage of it.

Meta and Augmented Reality

Meta, the new name for Facebook, has been announced. A parent company name change makes sense (remember when Google changed its name to Alphabet?), but the final decision is what matters. As a term for virtual and augmented reality experiences, Facebook is placing a large bet on the Metaverse. This is a significant investment in the web’s future.

While it’s too early to tell how much Meta will affect how people experience the internet, it’s a good idea if you start exploring the possibilities of how you can integrate Meta and augmented reality into your digital marketing model.

Many people are claiming that they’ve decided to stop using Facebook, but the truth is that it’s not going anywhere. The number of Facebook users has surpassed 3 billion, and the number grows each month.

Marketers should assume that Facebook will continue to be the dominant social media platform.

Influencer Marketing is Growing

2021 saw revenue from influencer marketing balloon to $13.8 billion. The main advantage of influencer marketing presents itself during the endorsement. Based on what influencer typically does, people already have a good idea of what the product or service is about.

People’s instant connections provide much-needed relevance and context to campaigns, further reducing friction between brands and consumers.

B2B brands, including GE and Adobe, also embrace the fickle power of influencers. So it’s a good idea for marketers to keep an eye out for opportunities to work with industry influencers. The thing about influencers is they come from so many walks of life, and they have different communities. So sometimes, it’s not about reaching out to an influencer with ten million followers – it’s about zeroing in on the influencer who has a specific audience that works for your campaign.

New Privacy Laws Buck Online Advertising

Automated optimization of digital ads is heavily reliant on data. However, the amount of data used in artificial intelligence has decreased due to new privacy regulations, such as the iOS update and the impending removal of cookies.

It is recommended that marketers assess its impact on their advertising and take proactive measures.

Don’t Just Automate – Strategize First

Marketers must become more strategic as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning remove a lot of the grunt work from digital marketing. In addition, digital marketing’s options are ever-expanding. As a result, marketers need to think strategically to focus on what drives their business’s success.

LinkedIn Is Still Growing

In the digital world, LinkedIn continues to be a rising star. The number of people using the platform and the amount consumers spends on this channel increase each quarter significantly. They’re also constantly introducing new features to help businesses and pages get better results. So it’s time for marketers to commit to LinkedIn – today.

Video content has grown in popularity on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram these past few years. It’s the same on LinkedIn. 75% of marketers polled said that LinkedIn video content is effective.

Furthermore, consumersare drawn to social media content that they can identify with. In addition to this, they enjoy the content that makes them smile. So if you’re able to accomplish both of those goals in a LinkedIn post, you’ll get a lot of views.

Additionally, everyone enjoys a good story with a happy ending. You can keep readers interested and clamoring for more information if you write with feeling in mind.

SEO is Evolving Alongside Other Digital Marketing Channels

SEO has remained a solid marketing strategy in 2022. It’s time for marketers to stop obsessing over the “hacks” of search engine optimization (SEO) to provide their customers with a genuinely exceptional and meaningful experience. A better user experience should take precedence over SEO in marketers’ minds, it is suggested.

Online Experiences and Social Interactions are More Currencies

It’s still essential for businesses to get their name out there and get noticed on social media. However, earned media and word-of-mouth become more critical as the advertising landscape becomes more crowded.

To gain positive social media word-of-mouth, marketers should create memorable experiences for customers at each stage of the customer journey.

Digital Skills Are in Demand 

Digital skills are now most in-demand this year. However, a significant skill gap exists between the number of companies looking for digital skills and the available talent.

To remain relevant, marketers should improve their skills, and business leaders should have digital upskilling plans.

Website Speeds on The Uptick

Even though most website traffic is now coming from mobile devices, many websites still lack mobile-optimized features. As a result, speed will be critical as Google launches Core Web Vitals site design.

Recommendation: Website optimization is essential for marketers.

Beware Improving, Customer-Centric Algorithms

Algorithms take over every aspect of digital marketing, from newsfeeds to display ads to search engine optimization and even email. All of the algorithms are geared toward improving the user’s overall experience.

Recommendation: To remain relevant, marketers must offer customers what they want to keep their content in front of them.

Less Is Still More

Many businesses are stretched too thin by the proliferation of digital marketing options. Focusing on a single channel is a smart strategy for businesses.

Advice to marketers: Focus on doing fewer things better instead of more.

Never Forget the Foundations of Digital Marketing

The allure of brand-new technological gadgets is irresistible. Marketers are always looking for the latest trends and cutting-edge platforms and technologies. However, the truth is that digital marketing’s fundamental tools still account for the vast majority of company growth. Your foundation is critical, so don’t forget about it. Optimizing your core digital execution is often a better investment than experimenting (and getting distracted) with every new tool.

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