The Business Owner’s Guide to Hiring WordPress Website Design Services

WordPress website design services

The Content Experts PH provides WordPress website design services globally. We serve multiple industry verticals and offer a bespoke set of services that provide business owners with the most convenient experience from beginning to end. To request more information, email the team captain:


Why is WordPress Web Design So Important?

WordPress Design Sets the Tone of Customer Engagement

Search Engine Optimization/SEO Benefits Greatly from Great WordPress Design

Design Helps Build Your Brand’s Character from Ground Up

Better Design Aids in Creating Trust and Credibility with Your Audience

Everyone Is Doing It – Including Your Competition

Good Design Helps Create a Bond and Establishes Routine with Old and New Customers

Working with WordPress Web Design Services for the First Time

Set Goals for the Task Ahead

Check the Chemistry

Be Prepared for the Work Ahead

Trust the Process and the WordPress Web Designer

Be a Reliable Partner

Give Good Feedback

Bringing a business to the digital space is anything but easy.

Some free platforms may provide a free sign-up and a website with basic features, but if you are serious about bringing your business online, you need to invest in it, just like other aspects of your business, including social media management. This is where professional WordPress web design services in New York come in handy. And don’t forget WordPress front-end development, either. Since WordPress is the most prominent CMS globally, it stands to reason those businesses will need plenty of help in bringing their digital businesses to the 21st century.

It’s not just about looking pretty on the internet. Making a site look pretty is one thing, but what about surfacing on search engines when potential customers are looking for a business like yours, and they can’t find you because your site design, coupled with the level of optimization efforts you have given, is not enough to outrank your competition? WordPress design is a massive factor in improving customer experience. Websites are no longer just ‘pages’ where people read text and images.

Customers now expect websites to be fully functional and fully featured online apps that work just as well as the apps that they download on their phones. The mobile experience has shaped expectations of what people should generally encounter on the world wide web for some time now.

So, one of the litmus tests that a business owner can do is to open his website on his phone and honestly evaluate whether it is a pleasure to use or not. If the answer is “kind of okay” or “no,” then the simplest solution is to start working with professional WordPress website design services.

Why is WordPress Web Design So Important?

No matter your priorities, WordPress design will figure into it one way or another. That’s because good design is synonymous with being found on the internet. This happens because of various factors. First, Google, undoubtedly the biggest search engine around, likes spotting positive trends in design and development, and eventually, they use these developments as benchmarks for a good experience online.

Google wants website owners to focus on making their sites as valuable and relevant as possible. Usefulness means having two things—good design and good function. Both are attainable if you’re working with a WordPress designer who knows how to work your site in such a way that it becomes not only presentable but ultimately useful for its users. Think about your favorite apps, the ones that have been installed on your phone for years now.

We want to develop a bond with our customers through the WordPress site. Today, it’s possible to get these promising results, and it’s only a matter of time before a newbie WP site becomes competitive and feature-rich like its older competitors. You must take the first step in investing in WordPress design, and as they say, the rest is history. There are other compelling reasons to prioritize this phase of your website’s life cycle.

Sixty-six percent of individuals would rather watch something beautiful than something straightforward and uncomplicated if they had just 15 minutes to do so. Therefore, the look and feel of your website are a critical component of your overall internet marketing strategy. You need to grasp the importance of web design to construct a better business website.

WordPress Design Sets the Tone of Customer Engagement

Your website is the first impression your audience has of your business when they visit it. After that, they’ll make a quick judgment on your company. You only have a few seconds to create an impression on your audience, so make it count.

Having a website that appears antiquated or unpleasant is a sure way to turn off potential customers.

When they don’t like what they see on your page, they’ll leave it. As a result, you’ll lose out on potential customers since they’ll switch to a competitor’s site instead of yours.

Having a well-designed website can significantly impact how your customers perceive your company. Whether or whether they stay on your page and learn more about you depends on the impression you make on them. Leads are more likely to stay on your page if your website is well-designed.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO Benefits Greatly from Great WordPress Design

Site owners can undoubtedly influence how search engine spiders explore and index your website by implementing specific web design techniques.

You can’t afford to make a mistake here. Your visibility will suffer from the start if your on-page SEO basics aren’t up to scratch.

In addition to how your website’s content is published, specific web design components can impact search engine optimization (SEO) on their own. If you’re not aware of how a website is built, web design might be confusing. To put it simply, your code must be search engine friendly (SEO-friendly).

It’s vital to work with WordPress web design services that know what they’re doing to ensure correct web design practices and search engine presence.

Design Helps Build Your Brand’s Character from Ground Up

People can form an opinion about your character based on the content of your website. They can tell a lot about your target demographic by looking at your design. A lack of effort in creating your website indicates that you won’t put any effort into aiding the people who visit it.

Websites that are vibrant, modern, and welcoming are more likely to attract visitors. Visitors to your website will know that you’re friendly and open.

However, an outdated and ugly website makes your firm appear cold and aloof. People won’t bother checking out a business if they feel that it doesn’t appreciate them.

Think of your website as the digital representation of your company. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone stepped into your physical place and was greeted by a kind face? It’s like having a friendly face to greet your guests when they arrive at your website.

Better Design Aids in Creating Trust and Credibility with Your Audience

The public distrusts poorly constructed websites. They won’t trust your site if it has a shoddy design or if the content appears to be out of date. As a result of your site’s lack of up-to-date design, they may perceive it as seedy or unsavory.

Assume you’re a customer wishing to buy in bulk from a manufacturer. As a result, they’ll look elsewhere to have their purchase filled if your manufacturing website design doesn’t inspire confidence.

On the other hand, a professional website communicates authority and credibility to your visitors. As a result, they’ll have confidence in your business and are more likely to investigate it further.

It would help if you created trust with your audience to keep them returning to your site. In addition, visitors that stay on your website for a more extended period are more likely to become customers.

Everyone Is Doing It – Including Your Competition

As if you needed another reason to care about better WordPress design, here it is: your competition is actively investing in WordPress design services, among other things.

Getting noticed among the crowd is a top priority for every business. If your website is old, out-of-date, and of poor quality, your competitors will rank higher than you. This other company’s website will do better than yours since it is more attractively designed.

This means you’ll lose customers to your rivals, which is undoubtedly wrong for any business. But, on the other hand, because their page is more visually appealing, they will attract more visitors.

The look and feel of your WordPress site will give you a chance to stand out from the crowd. Because of this, it’s common for businesses in your industry to provide similar products and services at comparable prices. Therefore, your company must have a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the competition.

Your company’s distinctive traits can be showcased on a well-designed website. If you can convince your target audience that your company is better than the competition, you’ll have done your job.

Good Design Helps Create a Bond and Establishes Routine with Old and New Customers

The best way to attract new customers to your business is to develop a strong brand. Once they’ve become familiar with your brand, you want them to go with your product or service. Consistency on your website can be achieved by using online web designs.

Every page on your website should have the same fonts, styles, and layouts. Your site will appear amateurish if each page has a different design. In addition, it makes it more challenging to establish your brand’s identity because your target market will be unsure of the colors that best represent your company.

People will leave your site if it doesn’t seem the same on all devices. Leads are more likely to stay on your website if you establish a pattern of regularity. When you rebuild your site for this critical component, you’ll gain more leads and conversions in the long run.

Working with WordPress Web Design Services for the First Time

It can be nerve-wracking to begin the task of working with design professionals, especially if you have never tried designing (seriously) your site before. However, we understand the difficulties, so we’ve prepared some general steps below that may help you get through the initial challenges.

At The Content Experts PH, we work hard to collaborate with customers at every phase, so the client gets the results they want. Email us if you’re interested in getting some good WordPress design done on your site today.

Set Goals for the Task Ahead

Plan your project. The best approach would be to outline your goals, even if they sound general or straightforward in your mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started with your WordPress site. It would help if you still thought about the basics, such as:

  • The general number of pages you need
  • The types of pages you need
  • Additional features that you want
  • Plugins that you think will be useful
  • eCommerce components if your business is digital retailing
  • Miscellaneous elements that you think your site needs ASAP

Think about the typefaces, colors, and styles that you prefer. Next, consider who you’re trying to reach and any existing branding you’d like to carry over to your new site. Finally, put together a list of your favorite websites so that your designer can see what kind of design style you want. To avoid getting something you don’t want, it’s best if you and your web designer agree on what you want the final product to look like.

Check the Chemistry

Finding the perfect web designer for your project is a terrific way to get off to a good start. You don’t want a creative stalemate or to come to regret your decision later.

Choosing the cheapest web designer is a bad idea. After all, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run because you’ll have to make continuous modifications.

You want your website in the hands of a web designer you enjoy working with because it can be a lengthy process to develop a website. A good business partner is someone who you can trust, who you get along with, and with whom it is possible to give comments openly.

Be Prepared for the Work Ahead

Communication is essential in any successful team effort. Your ideas, knowledge of the target audience, and brand identity goals should all be clear from the get-go. Remember that web designers cannot read your mind, and you must explain carefully to get the best design that corresponds to your ideas (and ideals).

As a rule, you’ll begin the process by filling out a survey that covers anything from the project’s scope to the demographics of your audience. You should spend as much time filling out the application and include as much information as possible.

Preparing website copy in advance will make your trip go much more smoothly, so keep that in mind as well. In addition, your site designer won’t have to continually make modifications as you add, remove, or switch content if you write your content first.

If you don’t know where to get a website copy, The Content Experts PH also offers SEO copywriting services for various websites, from eCommerce sites to business sites.

Trust the Process and the WordPress Web Designer

You spend a lot of time, money, effort, and passion on the growth of your website. As a result, it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with handing over control of their website to a third party.

You don’t have to be completely hands-off – it’s all about keeping an eye on the project without constantly stepping in and doing your web designer’s work for them.

Aside from the obvious fact that you should provide constructive comments, consider your web designer’s suggestions as well. Listen carefully before passing judgment; there may be good reasons for their suggestions.

The designer will be free to focus on what they do best since you can rest easy knowing everything is in good hands. After all, they’re the experts, and asking for minor modifications all the time would cause your project to drag its feet.

Be a Reliable Partner

But you just told me to take it easy! You can indeed relax when designing your website, but there’s still a lot you can do. The success of the project is heavily reliant on your ability to fulfill deadlines and that of your web designer.

You can significantly assist in the design process by completing the following:

  • Complete the SEO-optimized copy on time.
  • Make your final decisions on design requirements.
  • Providing constructive feedback (not nitpicking) on the design to move forward productively.
  • Approving designs in a reasonable amount of time, so the designer is not delayed.

Admittedly, some site owners just like sitting back and waiting for results. However, if you want a good relationship with your WordPress web designer, it’s best to open the lines of communication so the process will be much easier for both of you.

A web designer is not a substitute for the business owner. The business owner or the person managing the site’s development becomes a team member the moment a WordPress design project is underway. Making your web designer’s life easy by being proactive and hands-on is a great way to foster a healthy working relationship. In short, you’ll accomplish more if you work together.

Give Good Feedback

Providing feedback can be challenging for some people because they are worried about how it will be accepted but doing so will improve your working relationship with your web designer.

Positive feedback is just as valuable as constructive comments! Thanks to this information, web designers will see if they’re on the right path. As a project manager, it’s essential to respond to your web designer’s requests for input in a clear, balanced, and well-thought-out way.

WordPress web design services are here to make your life easier. Unfortunately, digital marketing is not easy. If your WordPress site is less than ideal in design and optimization, you will likely experience a substantial uphill battle against your competitors. Contact The Content Experts PH today, and we will help you design the best-looking WordPress site—in record time.

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