Expert Book Marketing to Increase Sales and Build Your Readership

Decided to write and market a book? Well then, congratulations!

Time to finish the manuscript in due time, be a bestseller once published, or find the suitable promoters that can make you financially sustainable in publishing. Not everyone reaches that success, unfortunately.

The harsh reality is that marketing your book can be a pain and an ongoing nerve-wracking process. Literary scenes these days have a lot of avenues to rise, from traditional book marketing to digital e-book marketing, and those worlds offer a lot of opportunities. The ultimate guide is to increase sales and build readership in this chaotic book marketing world.

What is Book Marketing?

Due to social gathering restrictions, traditional book marketing methods, like book signing events, have been out during the pandemic. Because of this, writers expand their brand and name on social media, but not everyone is successful, digitally literate, or relevant to do such things. If you want to publish online, that is where e-book marketing comes.

Traditional book marketing and e-book marketing have differences. A budget-friendly marketing strategy to new authors, e-book marketing can help them gain enough money and relevance to start making physical copies of their books eventually. Many writers did that route, an example of which is E.L James of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise.

Book marketing is about having a solid plan and understanding of how the publishing industry works. Once you grasp it, you will know how to earn the right price for your outputs. It also helps book sales through awareness about the rights and needs of book writers, publishers, and readers.

Some book authors are lucky to have publishers. In contrast, most start-up writers and self-published authors do their book marketing through the help of family, friends, and colleagues. This includes sending reviews and recommendations about books and the author for readers.

Of course, everyone wants to skip those harsh tearful realities of marketing. Who wants to suffer these days when you have the option not to? And that is how marketing your books can now be assistance, thanks to the blessings and luck you might come across.

What is the Best Way to Market Your Books?

A tricky question, but marketing your books needs a concrete plan for success. Compare yourself to a traveler; what is the first thing you need? None other than a map.

This is what we call the book marketing timeline.

This timeline will surely make your life easier on explaining your writing journey’s via Dolorosa, making you charismatic and likable to the readers and audiences. The timeline will show how reel-worthy some self-publishing journeys can be.

There are different strategies available to the market on making a profit from book publishing, which sometimes makes it complex and complicated. So to prevent future problems, consider all of these ideas from beginning to end.

Before Writing

Before writing, create a detailed marketing and business plan because it is essential to understand how the marketing world works. Start questioning yourself the following questions:

Who Are Your Readers?

Selling books requires identifying your target audience. Asking how old they are, their educational background, hobbies, and what genre they prefer the most can answer who is interested in writing.

Also, consider their reading preferences and styles of writing. This gives you the idea of whether to enter the academic or literary market of book publishing. For example, if you want to write something about science, better to choose if it is fictional or nonfictional.

Fictional science writing is making novels that involve science and mathematical themes, while academic science writing is about scientific research or educational books. Both science writings can cater to readers from the mass. Still, academic science writing might only attract academics (students, researchers, professors, etc.)

When Do They Purchase Books?

Publishing the book based on the year can make it lucky. Suppose you want to write a book about traveling. In that case, it is better to publish it when everyone is excited about vacation.

Meanwhile, suppose you will not agree with retailers placing your books on holiday sales. In that case, it is better to publish them during the holiday seasons when most people have the means to buy books.

On the brighter side, being in the holiday sales section does not mean failure. In some circumstances, putting your books in the sale section might be the best strategy for people to grab them. If the store algorithm and store sale favor your book, you’re good to go.

What Are Your Goals as An Author?

Planning on marketing your book requires this last question, too. Writing a book should be a two-way alley, and both readers and authors should benefit from the writing journey. Better to ask yourself what you want to achieve beforehand. Do you write books for money, fame, or inspiration? Well, only you can answer it wholeheartedly.

What Obstacles Might I Encounter?

Nobody’s perfect, especially in marketing. You might encounter significant mistakes in book marketing, including poor social media marketing and netiquette.

Even if some say “bad publicity is still publicity,” your social media history and engagement still matter. Your questionable life and social beliefs might turn readers off, and this might make your profit opportunity go down the drain. So before publishing books, it is better to clean your social media image.

Besides this, the biggest threat for authors might be the impostor syndrome and writers’ block.

Authors encounter impostor syndrome because of their lack of confidence in writing. Breaking free from impostor syndrome requires an ample amount of time and self-awareness.

Meanwhile, writer’s block is simply about losing ideas because of pressures from finishing the book to financial problems for self-publishing. Thinking about marketing your book is indeed awkward and tiring, but it should not hinder you from growing and improving.

After answering all these questions, finalize your writing and publishing deadlines. You can also create a timeline and plan of whether you want to publish traditionally or digitally, or both. If you plan to publish digitally for the first time to have more reach and engagements, consider tapping eBook writing services.

Beginning to Write

Now that you have fully decided to write a book, here are some tips that you can do while starting up the plots and first few chapters.

Build Your Name and Brand

Create your brand and start doing engagements through social media. At the start of your writing journey, investing in your digital footprint is less expensive to increase sales and relationships. Blogging for marketing your name and brand can also give you a headstart, explained in the tips below.

Create Book Metadata

This can come in handy, especially if you want to enter the e-book marketing scene. Book metadata includes working on your book description and your short bio. Though complicated because it requires knowledge about calculating compensations and understanding the BISAC subject codes, it can help with the basic algorithm of selling and distributing books online.

Create an Author Website

Like blogging for marketing, you can have your website to achieve the needs you had to have, like digital footprints for relevancy. Author websites can be attractive thanks to graphic design services for your websites if ever you want to.


For relevancy, your digital profiles can offer an email newsletter where you can communicate to interested readers about your progress. You can also share discount bundles of your past works by adding a signup form and links whenever they visit your blogs or websites.

Social Media Strategy

Successful book marketing online and even through bookstores always has excellent social media strategies. Using memes is one way of adding hype and curiosity to digital natives about who you are. A tip, though, always remember to revise your social media strategies because social media trends are fast-paced these days.

While Writing

The most crucial and painful task is to do and finish the manuscript. We advise authors to take this part seriously and focus on creating qualitative output not to disappoint your readers.

But, if you do have time to gamble your luck by marketing your book at this stage, here are the possible methods you might try.

Book Reviews

Writing books requires inspiration, and this might be an excellent opportunity to read book reviews made in Goodreads for your favorite authors’ books. If you have more time than reading, you can start reviewing some books qualitatively so that you can catch the attention of your fellow bookworms

Try to learn the popular culture of the writing and reading communities through these interactions. Once you have established friendships with those communities, you can now use it to build your readership. As they say, friends are your number one supporters.

Media and Writing Relevancy

Besides posting blogs on your website, you can also do the old-school way of promotions made by traditional writers. Send to media companies your pre-published books. You can also apply as one of their writers if you have time for side jobs.

Newspapers and magazines might be interested in giving teasers about your books afterward. You can also join their book-writing events, workshops, and webinars to meet other writers and supporters that can help you expand your networks.

While Book Editing

Once you get out of the writing stage, you have to do the faster editing phase. With a short time of one to two months, you can do the following marketing strategies while waiting for your edited manuscript.

Finalize the Publishing Date

Have you considered the time and season? Suppose you have a strategy of making a soft-publishing online. In that case, the e-book marketing strategy you planned will give you a shorter preparation time.

Suppose you decide to debut and publish physical copies; consider the prices of your book. In that case, you can sell it at an early-bird price to people who will order your book two to one month ahead of the publishing date.

Determine the Customer Needs

Finalizing the readers’ perspective about your book is essential in the editing stage. Now that you have a brand and personality blasted in their emails and social media accounts, you should use this opportunity to know more about them. This will give you the chance to add finishing touches that make your book unique to their eyes.

Because you listen to your readers and fans, your fanbase might expand because of this.

Research and Prepare for the Promotional Release

Marketing your book physically and digitally at this stage should now be ready for its full force. If you already have a well-established fanbase, you can help with their planning of meet-and-greets during the publishing stage. As they say, fans are the best volunteers you can have in your writing journey.

Now, you must prepare for the exciting phase of your book marketing journey.

Release Date

Now that the book is published, you can now disintegrate all of the plans you did in this timeline. You reap what you sow, and you can use all of the preparations that you did.

Accept interviews and speakership opportunities given to you, and own all of them. Reach out to your fans, or even some bookstores, for promotions like book signing opportunities; just remember the COVID-19 restrictions that your country still has and abide to those rules.

You can also attend book festivals and promote your books by renting a small stall. If it is a bit pricey, You can also ask your fellow independent writers to have collaborations in promoting your crafts online and in the book festivals.

Everything is too good to be true, as they say. Every author can use these publishing styles, but not everyone has the privilege to do these steps. Self-publishing authors are the one that suffers the most in this publishing journey.

Although it is reality, that does not mean they can not have the same feelings of success as what we shared above.

How Do I Promote My Self-Published Book?

If you chose the route of self-publishing your book, some of the tips above might be harder to achieve. Considering the expenses needed when self-publishing books, most authors prioritize financial considerations rather than brand and relevancy.

Profit from marketing your book is a big part of making yourself sustainable in writing. Fear no more, here are tips on financially-friendly promoting self-published books, besides some of our advice above.

Know your Budget Capacity

How willing are you to sacrifice money for book promotions? It is better to face the reality that even online advertisements and eBook publishing can still be costly these days.

Since traditional book publishing is more budget-friendly, most self-publishing writers consider e-book publishing and print physical copies once it succeeds. Because of this, Facebook ads and boosting websites and blogs online is the excellent starting point.

But once you start printing physical copies, you should also consider the travel expenses you have to do to your budget once you go to printing houses.

Do the Clickbait

This matter can be a subject for debate since the idea varies, but have you ever wondered why many YouTube videos have a lot of views? Well, that is the power of click-baiting people.

You can also do that kind of book marketing. If you ever want to try video marketing your books, go and make a YouTube account. Besides promoting to your readers and followers, you can also make video tips and advice about writing.

A significant example of this route is Youtuber Jenna Moreci, who makes videos about writing advice and self-publishing. Once you succeed on Youtube, you can have profit through views. You might attract sponsorship for your video making and even self-publishing content.

Online, on the other hand, make sure to use keywords whenever you blog or write something about your books. Using keywords to describe your personality and outputs can put your blogs in top Google searches.

Suppose you are still inclined to the canon philosophy of physical book publishing. In that case, you can still do the click-baiting magic in book marketing and even ebook marketing. Graphic design services and book design and layout services come in hand for those publishing problems.

Investing in professional book designs is not a waste of money, given that most buyers in bookstores are baited by beautiful, aesthetic, and instagrammable book covers these days.

Maximize Distribution Channels

Retailing your books through online shopping apps and websites can give you massive access to the literary market. If Amazon is available in your country, you can register yourself under their two self-publishing services companies.

If you choose not to be under self-publishing services, selling your books through your social media accounts can target massive engagements with many people. You can ask your followers to help you expand your page reach. You can invite them by liking your seller accounts or sharing them with their acquaintances.

Suppose you happen to be a colleague or a friend with a social media influencer. In that case, their friendly sponsorship might give your writings a boost in social media engagements. The more frequent they go to algorithms, the higher the chance of success.

Learn from the Experts

Paid workshops for self-publishing authors where you can ask professionals for advice is worth investing in for your career as a writer.

If there are free workshop opportunities out there, still grab them because you might meet fellow authors who have the same self-publishing problems as you. Some universities invite authors to participate in their writing workshops.

If you cannot afford paid workshops or are not eligible to apply for free university writing workshops, research the success stories of self-publishing authors in the literary scene. After doing so, you can use their stories as inspiration to use the patterns they made for success.

You can ask small bookstore sellers for advice and observations about their avid buyers in selling and profits. But since many of them are busy running the business, some may forget your request. Even so, do not hesitate to approach and give follow-up.

You can also talk to your former humanities and languages teachers. Persuade them to use your manuscripts for their daily school lessons. Young readers might become interested in your writings if they first read your book as part of a study guide example.

Last, if you know librarians from your local libraries, you can give them copies of your book. They can place those books in the front section of the local library, which will attract curious readers about the new book installment inside.

Remember, your main goal is to sell and profit from your self-published books. You should have no fear of trying these opportunities to expand and build your network connections in the literary world.

Join Book Awards

If you feel your luck, then bet all of it on entering book awards. This method of promotion is highly recommended for self-publishing writers to give them a huge head start to sales and readership.

Start researching book awards that make you eligible to join, and make sure you abide by their given deadlines. Once you get out of the storm of tight award deadlines, the next stage of publishing the book might open new windows of opportunity for promotions.

If your book award stint is a success and you won, or if the book received a massive sales increase as you have never seen before, better to have new book covers.

Contact the book design and layout services to add the plaque of the book award that you won or the bestseller subheading to those books. Maybe after that change, you will always see your book in front of the bookstore windows.

And if you did not win an award at this stint, cheer up because it is still an opportunity to compete. You can still hustle on other book awards out there. Some awards are also annual, so you have a year to prepare for another book award.

What matters is the experience you gained and the room for improvements you can see after participating in different book awards.

Professional book marketing services are out there to lessen the burden for writers. Combining such recommendations and continuously revising the way of marketing in the timeline and your phase can considerably contribute.

Marketing your book is indeed a detailed journey. Gaining readership today is faster than ever, thanks to social media. There are still tons of books to compete in the market. The guides and tips are just there, but the success is all in your choices, decisions, strategy, and luck.

Do you need help with professional book design and layout or perhaps with writing your book or eBook? Reach out to The Content Experts PH today!

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