Content SEO Strategies in the New Normal

COVID new normal seo

Who would have thought that COVID-19 would drastically change our way of life and the way we run our businesses? Those who can’t keep up with the pace of a fast-evolving mid-COVID world will undoubtedly be left behind. And who gets to join in this transition phase is determined by his ability to pivot and adapt to change.

As people spend more time at home, Google searches have increased tremendously in the past two years. An average user now conducts around three to four searches per day.

Google isn’t that keen on sharing data about its search volume. But current estimates indicate around 63,000 searches per second, which translates to 5.6 billion queries per day. Or 2 trillion searches worldwide per year.

SEO copywriting and SEO content writing experts should also learn how to capitalize on these developments. They know there are big and small strides they can take to help businesses get back on their feet again. Now is the best time to recalibrate marketing efforts by restructuring content SEO techniques to fit into the new normal.

How’s SEO Content Writing Different from SEO Copywriting?

SEO content writing is the act (or the job) of producing written content informing readers. Content writers write specialized SEO content for websites and other digital platforms. They do extensive research to render credibility to content and provide the necessary facts for readers to understand the topic at hand.

They also generate web traffic using search engine optimization (SEO) and persuasively engage the customers through relevant and compelling content.

On the other hand, SEO copywriting is the art (or the job) of creating text for the ads or marketing campaign of a particular company to establish brand voice and awareness. It entices its readers to take action, such as purchasing a specific item.

Copywriters make convincing copies for their target audience to hit the CTA button. Then, through brainstorming ideas, they highlight a product’s features by structuring the document.

What Is SEO Content Writing Going to Be Like In The New Normal?

Content SEO must be reformatted for businesses to reach out to their audience more personalized. Build customer trust along the way and prosper together in these mid-pandemic times and beyond. As discussed in a previous article, SEO content in 2022 will be more “people-focused.”

Write For the Audience

Content SEO will be streamlined, goal-driven, and more specific with that in mind. Of course, getting a high score on Google rankings is one of SEO’s primary functions and benefits. But you can’t get there without producing cohesive and fully optimized content that takes the edge off search results.

Center on User Intent Above All Else

Google’s goal is to satisfy a user’s search intent.

So, content ideation and creation should be based on it—what a user wants or intends to find or know about, as indicated in

the SERPs (search engine results pages). Thus, SEO content that caters to a user’s search intent is more likely to succeed in marketing and SEO today.

Take Keyword Research Seriously

When conducting online research, keywords are the words or phrases the Internet users type on their search bars. In copywriting, the choice of keywords should be based on their relevance to your brand and target audience. In addition, these meticulously targeted and analyzed keywords should be integrated throughout your content without sounding too repetitive.

Long-Form Is In

Long-form content in content writing delivers better results. Google supports an in-depth discussion of a given topic that responds to a user’s query. A detailed SEO content written in a minimum range of 700 to 2,000 words increases dwell time and, therefore, gets a higher ranking.

Featured snippets are excerpts of an article that web searchers see first on 23% of all SERPs. So it’s more likely to appear as an answer to a user’s informational search query. The amount of traffic it can generate towards your website will surely boost brand recognition – if your content ever gets to that sweet spot.

6 SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting Tips For The New Normal

In acknowledgment of the shifting user behavior, Google consistently rolls out algorithm updates that bring dynamic changes in the digital marketing world. Hence, the need to formulate a new set of tips for writing good SEO content.

Some of them will undoubtedly reshape the SEO landscape in 2022.

#1: Signify Your Intention

Ensure that your page title clarifies what readers can expect in your article or content. The page title, aka title tag, is an excerpt, link, or a brief description of your paper that searchers see in search results. That’s why your high-volume keywords must be at the beginning of the title. Integrate keyword variations to avoid overstuffing the content with the exact words repeatedly.

#2: Tell A Story

Structure your content to tell a story that’s exciting enough to make the readers stay on your page. Good writing equates to your ability to craft a compelling story and organize the most vital information that’s both informative and easy to read.

#3: Vary Your Word Count Strategy

Although there’s a recommended word count for long-form content, sticking with it can at times stifle the creativity in you. Most readers, however, favor and prefer bullets and shorter paragraphs. So paragraph length depends mainly on what type of content you’re asked to write.

One way to keep your site visitor from bouncing and going back to the search bar is to add relevant internal links to your post. This can show search engines your expertise and authority on the subject. Also, the longer a visitor stays and explores your site, the greater his chance of becoming a buyer or a customer, leading to increased traffic or conversion.

#5: The CTA Button

A well-written copy should be able to hold readers’ attention down to the last words of your text – the call-to-action button, where readers can decide whether to sign up for a newsletter, click on other internal links, make a purchase, or head back to Google.

#6: Hire An Expert

Unless you’re an SEO copywriting expert yourself or have extensive experience in SEO content writing, trial-and-error will drain your time and resources.

Whether the pandemic has prompted businesses to either amend their SEO strategy or heighten current SEO efforts, hiring a specialist in either field or a professional copywriting agency can be a wise investment. Their expertise can give you the freedom to do what you do best: managing a business.

So yes, writing for businesses is a formidable task. Because it can make or break the writer or the company.

Here are the stats: 

  • Businesses that post content regularly get more traffic than others.
  • A company that maintains an active website gets 97% more links to its sites than others.
  • 60% of all internet users globally read blogs actively.

An inaccurately written content may even compromise the integrity of your site and affect its performance. Or worse, get penalized for overstuffing. So, it’s not all about keywords. It’s about writing that makes sense.

Content SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact The Content Experts PH today and let us help you create a strategy for organic traffic that will stick to the SERPs and stay there. Rank for organic keywords, and find gaps in your competition’s strategy for an all out content marketing assault like no other!

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