12 Essential Types of Graphic Design Services for Marketing

Graphic design is an artistic skill focusing on interpretations of visual arts physically, digitally, and commercially. Graphic design services professionals use images, symbols, and words to communicate to people through visual aestheticism.

Excellent graphic designs services can catch people’s attention in one stare. It sends the message by the power of conviction and art. You cannot consider a great graphic design if it does not convey its message precisely.

Primarily focusing on the business world, the designs produced by the corporations help their potential clients understand what their business is all about. Impactful graphic designs might even persuade clients to invest and grow in their companies.

Whenever people think of graphic designers, the first thing that pops into their minds is creating company brands and logos. They also sometimes think of them as Photoshop masters and art editors. These tasks are part of their profession, but they are not the bigger picture.

Need help with graphic design services? Well, you made the right decision to read this article. Furthermore, we will briefly explain the world of graphic design services and share the essential types that graphic designers think about whenever they assist.

What are Graphic Design Services?

Graphic design services are essential for businesses that need creative advertisements, good product placement, and design marketing. In addition, this occupation creates visual compositions in solving communication, public relations, and marketing problems.

Many graphic design services focus on singular or repetitive creations and designs. But because the marketing industry has turned into a fiercer and challenging trade industry, the graphic designs should also change by the current trends.

Graphic designs made in this era must be adaptable and, at the same time, give everlasting impacts. As for advice to young graphic designers seeking to enter the graphic design services, they should continually update themselves with our world’s constant changes.

Specialization in such marketing strategies will help start-up companies and future graphic designers in the field. Because of this, knowing the 12 essential types for graphic design services are crucial. Furthermore, as the industry evolves, designs should be adaptable and memorable for the next generations to come.

Types of Graphic Design Services

1. Corporate Design

The traditional graphic design service. This focuses mainly on two elements which are design and strategy. In this kind of design, the service in demand is making logos, adjusting color gradings, proper typography, and excellent branding creation. Creating the identity is the primary goal of this type, which gives customers the worth to choose the product.

2. Publication Graphic Design

This kind of graphic design service requires enormous approval and deliberations from publishing editors because of the sensitivity of the facts and images. Examples of products made of this type are newspapers, books, newsletters, magazines, etc.

3. Experimental Graphic Design

Also known as environmental graphic design or EGD, this type aims to provide signs for the community and society. Made through various colors, patterns, and materials, it serves easier access and information about surroundings and architectural brands.

4. Packaging Graphic Design

This graphic design type gained importance in helping businesses’ sales by communicating through a brand story. A successful packaging graphic design service should immediately grab the consumers’ attention.

5. Website Graphic Design

A user-friendly, engaging, and beautiful website graphic design service should give netizens the urge to see and explore the site in one click. The visual communication evident in the website might also attract potential customers, increasing companies’ sales.

6. Advertising Graphic Design

Rules of persuasion come into play in this type of graphic design service. This production should always capture people’s minds from billboards, television and internet commercials, wall paintings, and ads. Creating these ads requires graphic designers to design and sell the products artistically.

7. Book Cover Design

Capturing readers by the book’s cover is the unspoken rule of this service. Even if people say books should not be judged by their covers, a beautiful book cover might lead a manuscript to fame and success. The more unique and understandable the design, the easier it is to communicate with the readers’ emotions.

8. Brochure Design

As the leading provider of information about companies, organizations, and independent businesses, brochures should also drive people to invest in knowing more about what the content can offer. Brochures made for businesses are usually in half-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, and roll-fold formats.

9. 3D Graphic Design

An innovative and popular type of graphic design, the width, height, and depth of the 3D model is all that matters. Besides the creativity equipped in a 3D Graphic artist, they should also have computer editing and animation skills. The increasing demand for 3D graphic design services shows how difficult yet wholesome and worth-it the service is for marketing companies.

10. Mobile App Graphic Design

People frequently use their mobile devices, so the desire to enter the mobile application marketing strategy proves how in-demand the mobile app graphic designing services were. The design and format satisfy customers, eventually giving them valid reasons to place 5-star ratings on the company apps. A win-win situation not just for the new age of art, but also for the profit and sales.

11. Motion Graphic Design

This type is a mix of graphic design and animation. With the text as one of the main components, it focuses on communicating through music and motion. This type is popular as it produces outstanding marketing services like videos, animated text, video games, and presentations.

12. Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design

An economical form of outdoor advertising, the strict perfection in vehicle wraps demands companies to catch people’s attention in the streets. The logo, images, and typography design are critical to grabbing people’s attention in split seconds because vehicles move fast.

Designs and brands are everywhere. Without graphic design services, our world will be dull and gray as ever. In marketing, graphics design plays a vital role in informing people about business and economics.

Graphic design for marketing demands specialization and a passion for designing. With technology, creativity, and critical thinking, projecting the company as a message through art remains impactful in its targeted audiences’ minds.

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