Ways to Generate Backlinks Effectively

There are multiple ways to regain or generate your backlinks. Remember, establishing your backlinks is the key to create organic traffic—making your website beyond its competitors.

Listed below are some of my personal takes on generating backlinks:

Infographics are one of the best-used methods for bringing traffic to your websites. Images with eye-catching information will surely drive more guests to your profile. The demand for visual data increases dramatically, so use that momentum for your website, too. After making your website’s infographic, you may submit it with several submission sites for your visual data. 

Guest blogging or publishing articles from popular websites will help you build your audience by gaining exposure. Aside from backlinks, a healthy online reputation is essential to gain followers. To find potential bloggers for your website, you may use these three techniques: (1) Google search queries, (2) finding guest posts from other websites, and (3) using social media.

Creating a robust internal linking structure is the key to widen your backlinks. While you can put internal links on full throttle, using these internal links below 100. This will prevent your website from reducing its SEO and usability functions.

If possible, observe your competitors.

Staying on top of your competitors is mandatory. Spying on your competitors will provide an excellent way to build inbound links. You can also utilize their content marketing methods and improve them for your benefit. Using Google Alerts will reduce the manual labor of checking your competitor’s websites. It will also give you better access if the said contents are earning or on its downfall.

The broken-link building technique works if you have an old website that The broken-link building technique works if you have an old website that changes several URLs or when the content is not available anymore. Using plug-ins like Google’s Check my Links will make your work faster. After noting all of the dead website links, kindly contact the webmaster to replace the previously attached links. In that way, it will return to the poll of connections available to your website.

Promote your website’s content.

For your awesome content to gather backlinks, you also need to promote your website. Weekly or monthly roundups provided by several SEO websites can be contacted to generate a good email reach. You may also use other backlink providers to help in promoting your website’s current content. Just make sure that you have a workable amount of daily or weekly content for your desired niche.

Another way to increase the impact of your website is through media connections. Journalists, leading sites, and influential bloggers should be contacted for them to use your website’s article links. Keep your content short and straightforward for them to respond to you immediately. After all, we don’t have the time to read a long and winding email from strangers.

Published by Maria Kristelle C. Jimenez

Maria Kristelle C. Jimenez is a freelance writer, editor, and page layout and design artist for six years. She established several local and international publications, in physical and digital space. For services, contact her at: maryathecontentexpert@gmail.com

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